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TJ Dillashaw hopes to win the title immediately, but is willing to compete with anyone in the top five

TJ Dillashaw will return to the UFC later this year after being suspended for two years for active drug testing on EPO, and the 35-year-old wants to take back what he thinks is right: the bantamweight title.

Although Dilashaw has not fought since losing to then lightweight champion Henry Cejudo in the first round of TKO in 2019-he also tested positive for EPO in one round-the last two most The lightweight title holder still feels he returns when he deserves an instant title.

“I’m going straight to the belt, if that is my chance, because I know Yan wants it.” Dillashaw explained to Mike Swick on the “Real Mike with Mike Swick”

; podcast (Speed ​​MMA fan). “He is already talking about this topic, and we will see what happens when he fights the British pound on March 6. He faces a difficult test, but this is the battle he wants. I did not leave because of losing my belt​ ​Start this sport. He knows whether there is a real champion is a lot of speculation, because he did not beat the champion to win the championship, so he wants it. Besides, I am now his biggest attraction for fighting.”

However, if the UFC believes that Dilashaw needs to be trained first, then Colorado residents can fight any of the top five.

He said: “I’m in a good situation.” “I think everyone in the top five asked me to leave. I want to return to my best condition. I am 35 years old and many things have happened in my life, so I want to come back. Prove that I am the lightest and lightest person ever, and I want to come back and fight with the best. If that is the belt that is about to be given, so be it. If it can match the top five It would be great for others to contend.

“Everyone who asks me out, I agree to the UFC, it just shows them that I am eager to go back there. Therefore, as long as it is someone who is in the lead in the game, it actually doesn’t matter, because I want Get up and quickly restore the seat belt.”

Although Dilashaw did not mention any names in the top five, Bon Ludwig’s products may stimulate Cory Sandhagen’s momentum to eliminate the championship in the future. “Sandman” played two consecutive KOs, and he insisted that the next championship he deserved was Di Lashaw.

“If it comes to this, I think I should be the next person to fight for the championship, but if we need to eliminate another option, which is TJ, then I will compete with TJ, and then I will fight for the championship., too. “

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