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Timberwolves 116, Jazz 111: Great

Today is an important day in the history of the Timberwolves. I know what you are thinking, no, it is not Ricky Rubio returning to Utah. This is why our favorite UndraftedFreeAgent Jordan McLaughlin (Jordan McLaughlin) returned to the active lineup. For this reason alone, the Utah Jazz Ensemble allowed 1,500 people to enter the outdoor seating at Vivint Arena (They are actually in the bowl). Spoiler alert: JMac will wear streetwear in all competitions.

Instead, the crowd was treated by a pair of Wolves guards. D’Angelo Russell just got the negative result of the COVID-19 test result and returned to the starting lineup. Mr. Ice-In-His-Veins shot Icebolts into the heart of the Jazz defense, with 7 points in the first 9 points for the Timberwolves. The Wolves are still behind and similar to the previous game. It will be a long night for the Wolves, because Rudy Gobert drove 2 uncontroversial games in the game. Dunk.

However, still on the schedule of the first game, Anthony Edwards (Called Goose Forward, S/O Inspection) Check in the game, He is firecrackers. By confidently hitting a controversial three-pointer and pushing himself in the lane, he will score 9 points, as if the 201

9 Defensive Player of the Year was not there. The Goose also participated in the national defense competition, which was the subject of development and helped the Wolves get a 4-point lead in the second stage of the game.

Sadly for me, the second quarter was full of internet connections, cut in and cut out (You would think that with our 100% virtualization in 2020, this is still not a problem). But I was able to capture enough things to see the Wolves knock through the toilet. It seems that every time my WiFi reconnects, d-Loaded in another 3. 11/20 shooting percentage exceeded three-pointers, the Jazz scored 17 points on 12 turnovers, helping Minnesota establish a 15-point lead.

The highlight of the fourth quarter must be a fast break led by Goose, who bypassed the defender with a beautiful bounce pass to Russell. *Chef’s kiss*

Just like there is a how sound (3 and ants), there is also a grow sound (S/O Jack Pekin). When the Jazz opened three-pointers or encouraged them to sleepwalk, the Wolves guards were completely powerless to handle the Utah ball. As Jack Lehmann (0) and Juanjo Hernangomez (1) continue to provide resistance, the Wolves continue to receive heavy blows and the rebounding rebounds are also frightening. The loudest roar of the season was when Naz Reid overflowed awkwardly on the court and landed on his left arm/shoulder area. When Gregg Farnam escorted him to the locker room, he shrank to the ground, twisting loudly and in pain. Fortunately, Hollywood Naz will eventually be fine. From about 800 miles away, via the Internet, I speculate that this is a shoulder that needs to be re-strapped (SMUT). Either way, it is a frightening reminder of the speed at which injuries can cause problems.

The second half will start with a pivotal game. After three fouls on the bench, Utah decided to run high for Goss on Towns (???). When the Frenchman ventured into the depths of the paint, Towns fully thought of a counterattack and fouled. This will be the fourth foul of these centers. result? Rudy Gobert went to the bench. This obviously changed the pace of the game, but perhaps it did not change your expectations. Understandably, the Wolves will begin to attack the rim more, as evidenced by the goose on Conley. To be honest, Goose is the “brother”, a veterinarian who is only 14 years old.

Conversely, without Gobert blocking the lane, Conley and Donovan Mitchell somehow got into the paint more easily than in the first half. They will challenge the Wolves’ defense with a score of 10-2 to end the third quarter and reduce their 17-point lead to 9th in fourth place.

The final period will be a crazy period.

The Jazz prefers an offensive life without Gobert, and he continues to beat the Wolves in the paint. Mitchell was hit by any guard and guided him to James Harden before 2020. Attribute the Jazz defense to the Wolves, because the Wolves have difficulty finding an offensive rhythm. Tricky Rubio may have a bright spot like this, but he still appears very rusty and suffers from atypical wrong decisions.

Just as Jordan Clarkson and Mitchell were about to end the Wolves game with a three-point advantage, another big game also stopped their momentum. Missing a Towns three-pointer error, Okogie held the ball with both hands, took O-Train to the basket, smashed the orange ball through the nylon net, and made a strong scream, forcing the Jazz to make an awkward timeout on the phone .

However, the scariest moment in the game happened. Remember how quickly I mentioned the damage will change? Well, Towns tried to dunk Gobert, who had the self-evident All-League beef with him. His left wrist fell all the way, would throw the ball, and then fell. You know, he just underwent surgery. Just like Naz, he will curl up on the court while his wrist is obviously painful. The Wolves will have to call a timeout to help him directly into the locker room.


Understandably, the confidence of the Wolves to win was shaken.Reid will add the icing on the cake to the Towns and Russell will shoot down a bunch of mid-range troopsWig alert!) To keep them floating. Slowly, but surely, the Jazz will get closer and lower their lead to 4 points after a pair of Mike Conley free throws. But, as my main leader Gandalf (Gandalf) said, “Look at my urgent time (clock is 57.7 seconds), look at the scoring watch”

Russell scored 6 points when he was out in Towns and he would miss a drifter. Towns will steal offensive rebounds, but will completely lose that feeling. He stretched out his hand and used his injured left wrist to cross the ball, but in the replay, it seemed that after Towns touched the ball, the ball might have passed Gobert’s hand. The cry on the floor is wolf ball. The referee granted and withdrew the call to Jazz ball. Then they went to review, AGCE AGAIN overthrew the new phone on the floor again and returned to the Wolves. result?

Malik Beasley’s outstanding performance pushed the lead back to 6, leaving 33.7.

The Jazz will also have some late antics trying to steal the game. In the 3 seconds after Russell received a pair of free throws, with only 4.2 seconds left, the Jazz will have the last ball to take the game to overtime. *In the voice of Morpheus* “What if I told you the Wolves will win the defense?”

Aaaaand will do it. The Wolves stole one during a game against a legitimate Western Conference playoff team. It’s hard not to be excited about this victory. It can be said that there are more positive suggestions than difficult problems. Either way, the road to 72-0 seems clear!

game instructions:

  • How I can complete the entire review without mentioning Jarrett Culver is beyond my scope. He once held steady to +9 and looked at this part completely. To be sure, he made a free throw percentage (1/2 in the game), but this man surpassed his opponent and scored a 3/3 goal. This person is shooting 75% 3P and 83% Financial Times! ! !
  • The whole Jake Layman / Juancho Hernangomez will not work. Is it too early for 2 games? I do not think so. Today, it is obvious that their existence has not been missed. In the second half, Layman played less than 3 minutes, and Hernangomez never saw a minute. Our rebounding problem can be directly linked to them.
  • Dude… Ant-Man, Goose, future MVP, whatever you want to call him, it’s LEGIT. It is completely realistic that he deserves the final moments of the game. This was his best (statistical) offensive game in his young career. He scored 18 points on 12 shots (2/3 of three-pointers). He defended hard. With his speed, he will drop 50 points in the middle of the season.
  • I want to yell Malik Beasley (Malik Beasley) on the court. He clearly fell over the glass (6 o’clock tonight) and was only comparable to the team’s Josh Okogie in terms of game intensity. This is very much needed and welcome. He played a team-high 39 minutes.
  • Rubio scored 3,000 assists from the Timberwolves in Beasley’s final layup. Now, he is behind Kevin Garnett with 1216 points.
  • The game ball must be sent to Karl Anthony Towns again. He posted a pedestrian 16/12/3/1/4 (Ha) line, but considering that as a revolving door in the backcourt, his defense is really good. He also showed great leadership skills, putting his health at the end and bringing us to the end. If not for him to come again (I say it again) Recently repaired the left wrist and used it to change the gameplay. I very much doubt whether we can win. So respectful.
  • Spider-Man is defeated by his Avengers teammate Ant-Man. Sorry. I don’t like MCU stuff, but I have to say. I am more like the head of LOTR. There are not many matrices either.

Full game highlights:

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