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Tim Benz: Steelers-Ravens slogan shows that the NFL must streamline its covid-19 emergency plan

Steelers fans across the country are now thinking the same thing.

How long can the leftovers of Thanksgiving be safe to eat? Can they keep it until Tuesday night?

Still, week 18? It was a week after New Year’s Day. Therefore, you can freeze them immediately in this situation.

At this point, if the looming coronavirus against the Baltimore Ravens Steelers game finally takes place on Tuesday, then the entire NFL will be happy, whether it has a Thanksgiving feast or not. There is nothing to say “lack of prestige”

;, like an NFL game that has been delayed twice in a Tuesday night.

what? ! Steelers-Ravens on NBC vs. “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” on CBS? By the way, Rudy, I heard that a red nose is a symptom of covid-19. You’d better take a swab test. On Christmas Eve, we cannot break through the North Pole.

Let us hope that reindeer are less prone to spread than crows. Anyway, at least the people of Baltimore.

Eighteen players have joined Ravens’ reserve/covid-19 roster this week. Nervous Mark Andrews and receiver Willie Snead joined the game on Sunday. This is the complete list as of Sunday night.

This has not been said to be related to the absence of Covent in the Steelers game, including running back to James Conner and defensive rebounder Stephen Duyt. The Denver Broncos do not have to play on Sunday without any quarterback.

When it comes to avoiding a symbiotic crisis, the NFL has been going until it rains. But that borrowed time seems to be about to expire. Especially if we are to believe what ugly predictions will happen when Thanksgiving travelers are reintroduced to the general population this week.

Without a bubble within the league, these NFL players can only avoid such a long exposure.

Therefore, commissioner Roger Goodell and the owner need to figure out what the real goal is. Is the league trying all competitions? Or is the goal just to complete the season in a representative way?

Is the NFL trying to ensure that all players and coaches are “safe”? Or is it trying to make it “as safe as possible” in this situation?

Because now, the league is beginning to decline in all aspects. If obtaining pure security from the virus is the goal, then the alliance should create a bubble format in August. Otherwise, the season should be cancelled.

Do you want to be safe? It’s okay sorry. But this is the only way to be “safe” in 2020. Hide in the house until a vaccine is available.

But now the NFL is three months away from this road, and it will be even more powerful at the end of the season. For this, it ultimately needs to come up with a real plan to find out how to best deal with its actual situation. Because as Goodbye Week begins to disappear and scheduled delays and manipulations begin to resume, the league will begin to exhaust the options magically created on Thursday and Tuesday, just as the schedule enters the most critical game.

The NFL needs a clearer plan. Guidelines. Emergencies. And they need to be public.

Since the league has had all COVID-related issues this year, there is little evidence that players tend to spread COVID-19 to the other end of the faceoff.

This is not to say that it is impossible. This means that there are many players who tested negative on the first day of the game, but tested positive on the second or second day, but they did not seem to bypass the players of the other team.

Just like when the Vikings got used to the Tennessee Giants earlier this year. Or when the receiver of JuJu Smith-Schuster and Steelers is guarded by Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey. Or in a game against the Chiefs against the New England Patriots, Stephon Gilmore connects with Patrick Mahomes and receivers within Kansas City. Or Stillers’ strong team Vance McDonald (Vance McDonald) plays in Dallas.

Therefore, if the opposing roster can form a team with untested players, then they should participate in the game. Just like they should have played the Steelers Ravens on Thursday. That’s what I think.

This is what college players have been doing. A few weeks ago, when Pitt defeated Virginia Tech, there were no 16 people. These guys didn’t even get paid. There is no collective bargaining agreement to protect them.

Because if the game is still not available on Tuesday, how long will they eliminate the Steelers-Ravens situation? If they participate in the game on Thursday, then the Raven Cowboys (originally scheduled for Thursday, December 3) will be in an unstable state.

If the NFL does not want to adopt such a standard, it needs to solve some problems. immediately. Therefore, every team knows the answer.

• What is the exact threshold for confiscation of property? Is it the total number of players on the covid-19 roster? Is this the percentage of roster/staff infections?

• What does it take to implement a buffer week (or week 18) at the end of the season? We have always heard that it is possible. What makes it thriving?

• If there is a Steelers-Ravens situation during the playoff week, what will happen? Will the playoffs move?

• Why are some teams forced to play when the roster is tight? Why do some people reschedule their dates?

• As we saw in Baltimore this week, who decides when to close or not close the facility?

• If the team’s record is not balanced, how will the playoffs and draft order work?

• Is it time to start discussing the bubble plan with NFLPA? If so, please start now. Otherwise, I wonder if the Super Bowl will start to clash with the opening day of MLB.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin often talks about “making a plan while keeping your feet brisk.” Over the years, Tomlin has been rotating the phrase in many different situations. But given the gloomy covid-19 swamp this year, he will use it regularly in 2020.

Goodell had better adopt this creed entirely. His “light on his feet” gradually weakened. However, making a plan seems to be the missing element.

Tim Benz is the author of the “Tribune” review. You can contact Tim via tbenz@triblive.com or via Twitter. All tweets can be reposted. Unless otherwise stated, all emails can be posted.

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