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Tiger Woods playfully grabs Phil Mickelson's little head-to-head joke: "Above all, big picture."

Do you want a piece of me? "Really?" (1

9659002) There was a time, Phil Mickelson admitted frankly, as it "sucked" to play against Tiger Woods.

It has been a while since these intoxicating days for both men, who will meet in the first two rounds of the Players Championship this week at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. It is a matchup that is made delicious by its rarity and the knowledge that the future is finally good. The two have played together 35 times on the PGA Tour, the last time in 2014. Woods holds a slim, 16-15-4 edge.

And, even better, they trashed some trash talk on Tuesday.

I love that we are together, I think it's really fun. We have not mated for years, "he told reporters Tuesday, and then he could not resist having some of the buzz that the Woods-Mickelson group, including Rickie Fowler, has generated.

"As I look at the cover of the newspaper and the mating is there and the excitement that's going on here makes me think: why do not we just bypass all of the incidental aspects of a tournament and just go head to head and just have a sort High stakes, winner-take-all-match. Well, I do not know if he wants a piece of me, "he burst out laughing," but I just think it would be something we would really enjoy, and I think there would be a lot of interest if we just went to the last round. Of course, Woods was mentioned later that day when he met with the press, and he did not disappoint.

"Well, first of all, big picture," Woods said with a grin.

This big picture Woods would include # 14 major championships and Mickelson's Fifth, and one reporter tried to remind Woods that he was only coming to Mickelson's neck-and-neck position, causing Woods to respond, "How many times have we both – No, no, did we win on tour? "

That would be a 79-43" edge "for Woods, but all that was good clean fun, Mickelson will be 48 next month, and Woods will be 43 at the end of the year This is a relationship that is no longer a cutthroat.

"It will be fun to play with him again. We both did that during our career. We always looked at each other and said, "Where is he on the board?" Woods said. "That's what Arnold [Palmer] and Jack [Nicklaus] did all the time, they would always try to find," Okay, what's – where's Jack? "And the same with Jack," Where's Arnie? "It was for our entire career one way or another.

"Now we have a chance on the first day, when the gun blows to play against each other again, it will be fun. I enjoy either competing with him on the first or second day or if it is the last day. It has always been a stunner and he is a hell of a competitor and it will always be a challenge to beat him.

She and Fowler will tee off at 1:52 pm Eastern Thursday and at 8:27 am Friday. Mickelson and Woods were only once in the same group in Sawgrass, in 2001. At that time, in the third round, Woods hit a 60-foot putt on the 17th green, ending with a 66 and a win the next day was then Woods and two weeks later won the Masters and finished the Tiger Slam.

"I do not think anybody today who was not going to see it and I do not think anyone will do it before" Mickelson said on Tuesday (via ESPN).

"It was the most notable golf in the history of the game, and I think unrepeatable. I think it was so good. I consider 2000 as a kind of benchmark at the US Open and as the biggest golf game I have ever seen and I believe it was ever played. And it was fun to play against him. It really did. You look at it and say, "How am I supposed to beat this?" There was a stretch of some years, in which it was so impressive that it was hard to imagine that it actually happened that he hit some of the shots he hit and played so well.

"The boys are looking back today and they say," Come on, how much better could he have been? "And so on, and it shows you that they were not there to get it

Over the years, the two rivals have been and, lately, the word "friendly" has been added to this description.

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