Motorola has withdrawn from the smart watch game since 2016, but at the end of 2019, a manufacturer called eBuyNow released a Wear OS watch that authorized the old Moto 360 product name. The end result is a decent (if too expensive) watch, and now eBuyNow plans to release three more models this year.

eBuyNow is in the process of merging with CE Brands, Inc., in an investor speech earlier this month, CE showed off the products it plans to release in 2021

. The timeline page where Kodak brand baby monitors and air purifiers are strangely fused together shows that “Moto G Smart Watch” is expected to arrive in June 2021, and two more models will be designated as “Moto G Watches” in July. Watch&One”.

Unfortunately, other details about the watch were not mentioned in the introduction. Moto G is one of Motorola’s cheap phone lineup, and the image of the Moto G watch seems to lack the rotating dial of the 2019 Moto 360, so it may be a cheap watch with reduced features. Moto watches are square models, reminiscent of Apple Watch and Oppo watches, while Moto One seems to have thinner bezels and separate lugs (such as Skagen Falster 3).

The demand for more Motorola-branded Wear OS watches remains to be seen, especially as Google continues to ignore the core platform. However, I will not object to more square smart watches.