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This OnePlus Watch Tease is worrying

The OnePlus Band is now an official product and will be launched on January 1

1. The company announced a lot of information today and even linked directly to the Amazon listing, which shares many details and features of fitness wearable devices. However, due to in-depth research on the recently discovered OnePlus Health app, we may see the dial of the upcoming OnePlus Watch at first glance.

The application was discovered yesterday, and the viewing of its files revealed a lot of OnePlus Band watch faces, tutorials on how to use the watch band, etc.As folks XDA Continuing to dive into the water, they found a batch of dials that looked like they belonged to larger round smart watches.

We have included all watch faces at the top and bottom of this article. As you can see, they are built for a larger screen than the OnePlus Band. One of them is a face with an analog clock displaying the 12-3-6-9 mark, which looks the same as it is always displayed in OnePlus phones now.

In addition, the list of OnePlus Health apps (via Android police) Said that the application can “pair and manage various smart devices, such as smart watches and bands”, while allowing you to “customize and synchronize message notifications and incoming call information.” It is almost guaranteed that the app can connect to OnePlus Watch.

The dials of the watch look very sturdy, and there are many options to track simple things such as time or show more advanced continuous operating conditions. What I am worried about is-I might make a further introduction in this regard-OnePlus Watch cannot run Wear OS, but is just another smartwatch that focuses on fitness, such as the recent Huawei Watch GT or Amazfit GTR.

Google Play link: OnePlus Health

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