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This loss reveals the disturbing truth about the Knicks

This is not part of the narrative, and it seems unlikely to be on Wednesday night. The Knicks led the miserable Timberwolves with 18 points, even though Minnesota halved the lead. The Knicks led by 11 after three quarters. Timberwolves are 11-36. They are proficient in failure. The Knicks just need to finish them.

The Knicks did not finish the game.

The Knicks collapsed in various ways in the cruelest fourth quarter of the season, allowing the Wolves to linger long enough for Malik Beasley to run out of his intestines with 37.8 seconds remaining in the game. , So that the Wolves lead 102-101, this is the first time since 7-6.

This is over, in several cruel possessions. This is over. The Knicks fell back to 0.500 at 24-24. To some extent, its sense of destruction is much more than that. Most of the Knicks are accustomed to defeating teams that should be defeated. They avoided such a disaster most of the time. They avoided such a worrying ending when they faced the Wolves in the Garden on February 21

, when they blew a 21-point lead but recovered.

No recovery this time.

After the Knicks lost 102-101 to the Timberwolves, Taj Gibson argued with officials.
After the Knicks lost 102-101 to the Timberwolves, Taj Gibson argued with officials.
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This hurts. This thorn. This left a mark, perhaps worth remembering, this time next month, when the Knicks officially entered a home run and won a place in the expanded playoffs. The Knicks may be better than expected, but they are still not enough to waste opportunities such as the worst games in the NBA, especially those over the age of 18.

They need to deposit as much as possible in the bank.

Tom Thibodeau, a coach of the Knicks, was obviously angry. He said: “If you relax your guard, there will be trouble.”

The game played on the last day of March may actually arouse such anxiety and anger among faithful believers, which may be a sign of all previous benefits. When the calendar turns to April, Knicks fans have recently turned their pages to summer, to the draft, to free agents, and to next year. So, in an evil way, perhaps the pain of terrible loss is a good thing.

Or maybe not. If you’re the Knicks now, it’s hard to feel that there hasn’t been a week including games with the Mavericks, Nets and Celtics, and no Westerners have been staring at them for a long period of time. It’s not when they have a game to ask not to score on the curve throughout the year. The Knicks want us to believe them. Usually, this is happening.

It’s just not this time. Second only to the Timberwolves 102 and the Knicks 101. There is no way to explain it. There is no way to rationalize this. Moreover, there is no way to escape this cruel fact: despite all the advancements the Knicks have made and all the steps they have taken to get rid of the failure and failure of all locks, they are still capable of such a game.

Still able to lose to anyone in the league.

Thibodu said: “It is disappointing that we achieved a big lead in the first half, but did not take care of it, we repeated.” “Because of a mistake, I am disappointed. We defeated ourselves.”

Even though the Knicks looked a bit uneven on the fourth hole, it seems that the cushion they left for themselves can still be maintained. They still lead 90-77 in less than 9 minutes. This mathematical method should be countered by a string team.

In the remaining games alone, it is difficult to tell who is playing string and who is fighting for the top ten in the East. As we often say, the Knicks’ blade is very thin, and when you see the razor-thin appearance up close, it is really dazzling. A few mistakes, a few minutes of sloppyness and cruise control turned into damage control.

By then, too much damage has been caused. RJ Barrett performed well all night (23 points), but two late turnovers left him in a cramped situation, allowing Anthony Edwards to make a key three-pointer. When Edwards made a layup, he stupidly fouled Edwards and his performance was chopped. Lost. The Knicks’ lead rose from 10 to 7, which seems to stimulate the Timberwolves.

Then he missed the potential game winner of the buzzer. The Knicks walked off the court with the letter “L”, which had been decorated with scarlet on their blue road.

“We allow them to stay in the game,” Barrett said. “You can’t allow that.”

“We must take care of the business,” Julius Randall said. He had to pass 26 points a day at work, 12 rebounds, and six assists. He also played some uffles after the night. On Wednesday night, the affairs of the target center stayed on the table. This will leave a mark.

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