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“This is our most dangerous moment.” The death toll from Covid-19 has reached unprecedented levels in the United States

In the United States, the number of Covid-19 cases and deaths per week has never been higher. State officials have warned that there will be more worrying patterns after the holidays.

The governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear, stated that the state “has indeed increased a lot of cases where people gather during holidays and our positive rate.”

The governor said on Friday: “The surge we are experiencing now is at least twice the speed of the surge we have seen before. It is serious.” “This is our most dangerous moment.”

Colorado state epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy warned last Friday that “early signs” indicate an increase in Covid-1

9 cases. She said: “We are beginning to see the effects of holidays in the data.” Health experts believe that 1 out of 105 residents is currently infectious.

Health officials also worry that Wednesday’s violent attack on the US Capitol may have an impact on the pandemic.

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned on Friday that the riots are likely to be a “surge incident” with “public health consequences.”

Dr. Robert Redfield told the McClatchy newspaper group: “You are basically revealing your personal identity at no distance. These people are all passing through the Capitol.” “Then these people are now riding Cars, trains, and planes go home and go home all over the country.”

He added: “Therefore, I do think this is an incident that may cause major transmission.”

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States has recorded more than 2 million new Covid-19 cases and 24,000 deaths in the nine days since early 2021.

According to data from Johns Hopkins, as of last Friday, there were an average of 247,200 Covid-19 cases per day in the United States last week, which is the highest level ever and higher than the summer peak set at the end of July 3.7 times out.

According to data from Johns Hopkins, an average of 2,982 people died every day in the country last week, which is the highest number in a pandemic. This week also saw the United States reporting more than 4,000 coronavirus deaths in a single day for the first time on Thursday.

At the same time, hospitalization has pushed some facilities and medical staff to the limit. According to data from the COVID Tracking Project, approximately 131,889 Covid-19 patients visited US hospitals on Friday-the third highest number on record.

Biden team announced plans to strengthen the promotion of vaccines

Dr. Peter Hotez, head of the Department of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College, said that currently, the only option in the country is to “vaccinate for this.”

“We are now fighting death,” he told CNN’s Ana Cabrera on Saturday. “This is why we must speed up the vaccine program.”

President-elect Biden’s goal will be to release almost all available doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in an effort to rapidly boost vaccine deployment in the United States.

But this may also be risky, because both Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines need to be injected twice at intervals of several weeks to reach 95% efficiency, and the production of vaccines is not as many experts hope. Rapid development.

The plan is different from the Trump administration’s strategy, which has delayed the vaccine dose to ensure that the second dose is available.

Dr. Celine Gounder, a member of Biden’s Coronavirus Advisory Board, told CNN on Saturday that the new plan aims to “distribute the dose as soon as possible” and simplify distribution.

She said officials do not recommend that patients delay the second dose. People should still plan to receive a second dose of Pfizer vaccine 21 days after the first dose and Moderna vaccine 28 days after the first dose.

Gund said: “As long as there is no manufacturing failure, we are confident that people will be able to provide the vaccine when they receive a second dose of the vaccine.”

When asked about this plan, Hotters said that he “is to increase the number of Americans vaccinated.” But he emphasized that people need to understand the importance of receiving a second dose.

He said: “I’m just worried that people will receive the wrong message, saying:’Hey, you can walk around with just one dose,’ because this is not the case.”

Biden’s research team is also debating whether to change the vaccine guidelines that prioritize certain populations, such as health care workers and residents of long-term residential facilities.

She said: “Whether we will expand to other organizations more quickly remains to be seen,” she added, adding that some states have deviated from the recommendations.

She said: “I think, in general, the goal here is to get as many people as possible to vaccinate as quickly and safely as possible.”

California struggles

In California in particular, there has been a brutal increase in cases and hospitalization. According to the California Department of Public Health, more than 4,930 patients were hospitalized in the ICU on Saturday.

The daily mortality rate there is so high that the morgues of some California hospitals are full, and the coroner who is required to provide until burial services is also required to use the funeral staff until the funeral hall is about to run out.

Therefore, officials said on Friday that the state has sent 88 refrigerated trailers to hospitals and counties to provide them with the space they need.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said this week that Los Angeles County, the most populous in the United States, has an average of one Covid-19 death every eight minutes. Last Friday, county health officials reported the day with the highest number of reported Covid-19 deaths in a day: 318.

Dr. Anish Mahajan, chief medical officer of Harbour-UCLA Medical Center, told CNN on Saturday that because the hospital is already so tight, he is afraid to consider the possible excitement of Christmas parties.

Mahajan said: “It can take two to three weeks for patients to get sick after contracting the virus, and they need to be hospitalized. Only two weeks before Christmas, we were already full.”

The overwhelmed Fun Yikan is sharing rumors

In Montebello, outside of Los Angeles, the headquarters of two large fun halls painted a look of exhaustion and despair.

In Guerra & Gutierrez Mortuaries, homeowner Richard Gutierrez said that his 6 rooms usually handle about 28 services the day before the pandemic. They now run about 56 every day, and about 70% of them are used for coronavirus victims.

In the Continental Fun Museum a few blocks down Beverly Boulevard, owner Magda Maldonado stood in front of a refrigerated trailer she recently purchased to store dozens of corpses on Friday.

She said that she felt pressure in her heart. Except for everyone they serve, both she and Gutierrez had to shut out dozens of grieving families.

And due to urgent needs and government restrictions on gatherings during the pandemic era, they were unable to provide normal services for the large working class, Hispanic, and Catholic families they tend to serve-vigil, mass and wake-up spread for two days. Montebello is a Hispanic or Latino city with a population of approximately 77%.

“I am at a loss. Therefore, I am suffering from anxiety disorders.” Maldonado said. “My employees are tireless.”

On Friday, mourners gathered outside the two heavily burdened fun halls, most of them Latino, wearing black clothes.

Gutierrez said he expressed his gratitude to Continental Airlines.

He said that the pressure to provide good services to so many families and the sadness to see so many people being killed prematurely by Covid-19 also made him full of anxiety.

He recalled the situation when he realized that he had to arrange a funeral for two members of the family, both of whom died of the virus, such as the husband and wife.

“We would say,’Well, wait-we are together with the last names together. Oh, my goodness,'” he said. “It’s simply unbearable-they are both Covid.”

Officials feel “overwhelming” demand for vaccine hesitation

At the same time, officials across the country continued to manage vaccines and worked hard to overcome vaccine hesitation.

These include Dr. Sandra Elizabeth Ford, the health director of DeKalb County, Georgia. Local officials were vaccinating first responders other than health care workers on Saturday.

Ford told CNN that it will also start providing vaccines to adults over 65 on Monday, and demand is “unstoppable.”

Ford said: “We opened our website yesterday for seniors over the age of 65. Within two hours, we received nearly 6,000 requests.”

Ford admitted that some people are still hesitant to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. But she believes that as more people learn about and share their stories, more people will be willing to be vaccinated.

She pointed to the African-American community, the elderly and African-Americans, and said: “What I am worried about is that there are still a group of people who are very anxious about this vaccine, and most likely those who need it the most.”- English speakers.

Similar work is being carried out near Morehouse Medical School in Atlanta, which vaccinates every Saturday in January.

Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, Dean and Dean of the historic Black College School of Medicine, received a second dose of the vaccine on Friday. Earlier this week, several high-profile civil rights leaders, including former UN ambassador Andrew Young, were vaccinated.

Rice told CNN: “We do this to give people confidence.” “I think we have indicated that there may be some hesitation, but based on the thinking you see, we are clearly receiving the vaccine.”

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