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This is my favorite thing in WWE

When professional wrestling is taken seriously, I am more willing to participate, while those who participate in wrestling competitions perform poorly, and combatants fight more for fighting. I realize this is an outdated view, and since WWE is an outstanding promotion in the world, the sheer absurdity makes me stick to it.

Therefore, I try to find some small things to make fun of.

For this reason, I found my favorite thing in WWE.

It starts here:

And in this week̵

7;s Friday night In this section (I use this video because it contains parts related to this article, and WWE and FOX removed these videos from it):

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s not the show itself, but the host of the show, Bailey, who stubbornly insisted that everyone who was a guest, even if they interrupted, would use the floating door set on the ring to enter. I thought the first episode shot for Bianca Belair a month ago might be a bit too much, but when she yelled at Reginald, if he wanted to disturb him, he would use the door. Then he called Sasha Banks an “idiot” while screaming. She used to secure the door for me.

Sometimes, at least for me, it is indeed these details that make these clips memorable.

Shout to Bayley to make it more interesting than before.

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