Before the first release of the Android 12 developer preview version last week, there were leaks indicating that the upcoming version may undergo a major redesign with colors based on live wallpapers. Although the original Android 12 version does not look much different from the previous version, there are many changes hidden under the surface, such as the redesigned lock screen and notification shadows and the UI elements that are immersed in light blue-preliminary advanced theme options prove. Thanks to some digging on Twitter by ROM developer @kdrag0n, it seems that the leak is correct.

kdrag0n managed to activate and reverse engineer some hidden system properties to open a wallpaper-based theme called “Monet”

; (presumably to commemorate the French Impressionist Claude Monet). The developers have shared some variants that can extract different colors from the wallpaper to show notifications, shadow backgrounds, with The quick setting tiles will dynamically respond to the wallpaper (compare the QS tiles in the screenshots above and below). The wallpaper color is also reflected in the system settings, where the lighter color forms the background.

Some changes.

The theme on the lock screen is more subtle, because filling the background of the notification in a color based on a light wallpaper is the only sign. However, when you pull down the notification bar, you will immediately notice the opaque background based on the wallpaper.

the above: Hidden themes are enabled on the lock screen. the following: The current standard Android 12 experience.

The developers talked to XDA and explained how they activated the unfinished wallpaper theme behavior: “I enabled the feature after setting the system properties. However, since DP1 does not contain any system palette, it has no effect. It can work by applying RRO. Dynamic overlay based on color similarity, so I reverse engineered SystemUI to find out how to create overlay, and then I wrote a script to base Google’s official Material Design palette Generate overlay. The palette is installed.” kdrag0n also added on Twitter that they are confident that Google is committed to providing more rounded corners for notifications, as shown in the leaked model below.

The Android 12 design model was leaked before the first developer preview.

Although Google has not yet implemented an effective color palette, it is very close to the pre-Android 12 model. With these theme options, if Beta will be launched later this year, we will see a brand new look, I will not be surprised.

For more information on the release of Android 12, please check our announcement detailing the new features here. If you want to install the developer preview on your own device, please find how to do it in our Android 12 download guide.