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This is an important day for Google Pixel 5

First wave Google Pixel 5 Pre-orders begin to arrive in the United States! Many of our readers have told us in the last few days that they have to pay for the order, and the delivery date of the shipping label is estimated to be from today to next week. As can be seen from the above picture, at least one order has been delivered to the DL office.

For whatever reason, Google takes longer to ship to the United States than the rest of the world. Therefore, even if other countries have been enjoying the Pixel 5 since mid-October, the United States will have to wait until tomorrow at the earliest to attend the party. .

If you just got the Pixel 5, we will play the “Top Ten Things”

; video this week, and you can also read our review to find out how wrong we were in evaluating it​​.

Hope to hear these first impressions the moment you use Pixel 5 out of the box.

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