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There is room for rapid growth

Soon: “I like it, but it was caught by Zoom, Peloton, you know it was caught by Zscaler. It is regarded as a high-power stock, but I will not sell it here. I think it is possible that there is room for it It has not risen, but it will certainly rise.”

TSMC: “Taiwan Semiconductor has a lot of orders and I don’t know what to do. I will buy it at these levels.”

Scalable technology: “I think this stock will not be available now, and I will not be a buyer of scalable technology.”


Canoo: “Let them participate in the show, but the team has become very, very difficult… I can only say now that there are other easier ways to make money.”

Neo: “Neo has to come down. I mean, some of it is too much money. I know [but] That doesn’t mean I don’t like this company. “

Plug Power: “I have to let them move on… We have to find out what happened.”

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