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There are rumors that Samsung’s future smartwatches will use Android instead of Tizen

Samsung has been using its Tizen platform on its smart watches since the Gear 2 series in 2014, but it may return to its Android “roots” in the near future.Both Sam Mobile The well-known leaker Ice Universe claims that Samsung is using Android (probably Wear OS) instead of its usual platform to make smart watches. Since early products such as Galaxy Gear and Gear Live came out, this will be Samsung’s first use of Android on the wrist.

Not sure what this watch will look like, or whether this represents a full shift to Android. Galaxy Club Two models were discovered recently, which suggests that Samsung’s next watch will come in two sizes, regardless of the software they use.

There is no guarantee that Samsung will make a leap. However, this may be a logical move. Although Tizen-based smart watches (such as Galaxy Watch 3) have key applications such as Spotify and are well received, there is no doubt that they lack the Android ecosystem of Wear OS. Samsung may have decided that wider compatibility is worth any trade-offs. This will definitely help Google. Compared with Apple or Samsung, Google has not achieved much success in wearable devices.

Having said that, this may be a controversial switch. Samsung provides some services for its smart watch fans through a unique control scheme and strong battery life-we classify the latest watch as the best non-Apple design. If you use it in combination with Wear OS or Android, will it lose this enthusiasm? After all, wearable OS devices did not bring much excitement. We will not rule out Android custom features that retain Samsung’s advantage, but this is far from guaranteed.

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