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There are no more rooms in “Hell 2”, “coming soon” will start soon

The No More Room in Hell 2 just appeared on the Steam page, which now marks the game as “coming soon” in Early Access, and the game will remain for about a year.

As a sequel to the Source engine module in 2011, No More Room in “Hell 2” was developed using Unreal Engine technology and has a higher price (approximately US$20), although its developers at Lever Games are still in their spare time Advance the project. Using the income from Steam, they will have the opportunity to focus more on completing the game with full-time capabilities.

This “macOS reality” concept uses Apple Glass’ AR technology to transform ordinary desks into productivity workstations.

The final version will eventually have more features, from weapons to cosmetics, while other possibilities include adding human NPCs to the No More Room in Hell 2, a crafting system and even PvP mode.

The world has suffered from the Kulon epidemic, which caused coma or death among its victims for more than a year. Governments are scrambling to isolate the infected cities, or they may collapse completely because of millions of people being infected. Scientists have prepared a promising vaccine, ready to be distributed, until the infected person begins to die, only to wake up from the infinite desire for human meat. When you run, stabbed, smashed and exploded to safety, chaos and death plunged you and the rest of the survivors into the most desperate battle in your life.


Cooperate with 8 players to survive, and team up with the undead. They will not feel pain and will never stop to get you.


Explore diverse open and non-linear maps with many random and dynamic elements to ensure that the experience is different every time you play the game.


Search and look for any weapons, ammunition and equipment you can find to help you survive long enough to be rescued.

If you cannot live together, you will die alone.

Needless to say, this will be a targeted niche with Turtle Rock’s “Back 4 Blood” that will be released in June 2021.

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