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“The Walking Dead” Finale Summary: Season 10, Episode 22-This is Negan

The walking dead Retained the last part of its 10th season’s best bonus series: Sunday’s emotional “Here’s Negan” focused on… well, Negan – duh – and his relationship His wife is named after his infamous “vampire bat”. This hour not only hinted at Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s tour, but also pleaded with us to reconsider whether “You Are So Beautiful” is tacky, let us catch a glimpse of Negan’s introduction to the future savior, and send it back Give us.Alexandria is a variant of the former (?) villain, he is not afraid to cross the road-maybe even sword —With Maggie. Keep reading, there are many things to unravel…

“Only so much can I get out of her predicament” | When the last episode of season 10 began, Maggie went out for a walk with Hershel and told him that his grandfather used to like to take morning walks, which was the first day. “The first thing is Early Go back then? “The young man asked, ​​playing the title of Judith’s cutest kid (Cutest Kid) on TV. Remind you that when Maggie watched Negan work nearby, the move suddenly stopped. At the same time, Carol watched. Maggie monitored the entire espionage. It was the entire espionage. After that, Carol took Negan with her to check the rabbit trap-probably he thought. Really, all she was doing was taking him to his new cabin. Here, unless I misunderstood Leah’s old cabin. Carol knows the promise she made to Negan, but what can she do? Parliament voted to expel him, so she and Daryl have the right to move him The freedom of things. Hmm. He couldn’t help thinking, “Is the parliament really banished me, or is it more like Carol taking the stage? “Whatever it is, he will not accompany her back to Alexandria. However, he can treat this dead rabbit as a cute (?) breakup gift.

That night he walked by himself with thoughts, his despicable leader of the savior visited him himself, and he was happy to laugh at him because he always believed that he could be accepted by good people.Negan said to his old self: “You are a clown, a personality cult with no personality.” But sticks and stones can’t even thing Old Nigen’s self. “You are nothing without her,” the opponent Lucille said firmly. The next day, Shaken set off for his last stop and found Lucille; when Rick slit the throat of his nemesis, the bat stayed where it fell. In the end, when Negan discovered what he was looking for, we flashed back to 12 years, when he was tied to a chair and subjected to a gang of bikers (Rod Rowland, Rod Rowland, Rod Rowland). , Rod Rowland, Have Once auditioned to play Daryl, don’t you think? ). It seems that the cyclist has taken Negan back to his cancer-stricken wife Lucille in the chemotherapy received from the post-apocalyptic mobile clinic.Assuming that the document is all Species The other good news is that the cyclist also wants to know where they are-if he does not speak, sitting in the toilet will be a chance for his wife to beat cancer.

“Let’s pretend it is Saturday” | From there, we flashed back for a few days, until Negan approached the mobile clinic he had been tracking with guns. Before things escalated, he was beaten by a bat-well, hey! -Laura, the future savior. Only then, she was just a beautiful young woman working in a mobile clinic with her father Franklin.When I say yes, I mean Really Ok. Franklin put Negan on his cuffs as quickly as possible, fed him, and asked him why he “attempted to rob a group of doctors with an empty gun.” Negan explained that when the world turned upside down, Lucille had been receiving treatment. But according to the doctor’s instructions, he managed to continue to manage her chemotherapy. What happened? In another six weeks, we saw Negan and Lucille (Hilarie Burton Morgan, Morgan’s screen grandmother) debating to shut down the generator. He hoped that a curious walker could wander. She wants him to have distributed things so that she can watch Bond movies. In the end, he breathed a sigh of relief, but had a lot of trouble killing the zombies-even if he was stabbed, the zombies did not die! -She pulled the IV drops out and shot them with their last bullet.

Neille believes that as natural gas finds Negan more and more difficult, they need to find other people. He assured her that they would give her her last three treatments as soon as possible and increase her strength. There is another man, except for Judith, you have never seen Nagan as soft and gentle as he was in the scene. In that scene, he hugged his wife and faltered from chemotherapy, singing softly in his ears. My favorite song (the Jokoka classic mentioned earlier), even playfully wearing her colorful wig. However, on the issue of killing the walkers, they disagreed. She said: “It’s not even like killing an animal.” He insisted: “It won’t bother me.” “I’m just worried that I will get used to it.” Therefore, they shut down again before eating a dinner of dog food and tap water. Up the generator. She said that if Lucille knew that the world was going to die, she would not be very angry, as long as he spent $600 on a leather jacket, she would hide it and give it to him as an anniversary gift. (Because who can say for sure? Maybe used to be Their anniversary. ) He should not apologize to him, he said, not after he let her go through everything. He couldn’t believe that she was always by his side. She said: “I hold on to you, because I can always see who you are now…even if you are not there.”

“The time of the story has passed, ITCH son” | Negan woke up the next morning with a frightening sound: dripping water. The ice that could have cooled Lucille’s chemicals melted. It is ruined. But he has an idea. He will go to the mobile clinics he has heard of, and maybe he will catch them. No, she said. “I have something to tell you.” On that ominous note, we flashed back for another seven months and came to the Lucille railing in Negan because he blew $600. happy time s–t” jacket, he couldn’t find a new job because of the contemptuous assault on his head. On the bright side, at least he did a good job. Anyway, she has bigger fish to blow up. The next day, she needed him to drive home from the MRI. He said that there was nothing he could do. He was meeting with the parole officer. It was just that she quickly concluded that it was not his companion-he was with her friend Jenny. Some friends. That night, her husband, Lucille waited for him to come home with a gun. But instead of shooting him to death, she threw the cancer pamphlet on the table. Negan flashed his head again and couldn’t believe Lucille. Knowing Janine and still staying with him. Why is she telling him now? She said: “I want you to know that you have made up for it, and then you can stop. “All she wants is to let him be with her. But he can’t. He insisted: “We will not give up, never give up. “

Going back to the timetable of the mobile clinic, Franklin and Laura provided everything in Negan’s wish list without asking for any return. In fact, because a gang of bikers was looking around at night and he had no bullets, Laura even gave her a baseball bat to protect herself-the future Lucille. However, he still revealed their location to those same cyclists, who returned shortly afterwards, tied Franklin, and let God know what to do with poor Laura in the RV. Although Negan didn’t even stop helping Laura-feeling cold-he came back too late to save her. “Please don’t leave me like this,” she said in a note written on the bedroom door. In addition, he found a plastic bag on top of her head and an empty medicine bottle scattered around. Of course she turned around. Then a series of frustrating scenes appeared, set to “You Are So Beautiful”. During their time, Negan took off the plastic bag and looked at his wife’s tortured face and clenched jaw. As a portrait of a broken man, he couldn’t make himself put her down. Instead, he added a barbed wire fence to his bat, set her house on fire, and emerged from the flames of Negan we saw for the first time at the end of season 6.Or basically Destroyed Followers of the leader. Then, after giving Franklin a gun to get Laura and the ram, he sat down and talked to the boss, who had said before that he was riding too much. Negan pointed out: “This time, you better hope that I will never stop talking. When I do this, you will have very terrible things.”

‘Like I am looking for the world through blood’ | In this way, Negan told the guy how he lost his job. He and Lucille used to play her favorite song (you know that song) on ​​the jukebox in their favorite bar, and this d-bag is loud and loud. Lucille asked him to keep a low profile. Negan said: “He chose poorly.” Recalling that he finally understood what it meant to be angry that seeing red. He beat that guy into a mess, took a dollar from his wallet, and hit Cocker twice in a row.But his victim had a child, and he went to Negan’s school, that is to say, he did not have a child in that school. Longer Already working. Then, seeing red caused Negan a lot of trouble. He observed: “Now, when I see red, it’s just a question of my ability… [and] I began to think that I was capable of damn everything. “Finally, he put Lucille on the head of the creep. By then, we are back to the present. Negan hit the Pacers with Lucille… In response, he He took it back to the hut and said many things to his wife (instead of the bat), the most important of which was to give the bat a name after her! From then on, he concluded: “I will do it for you war. After that turning point, Negan returned to Alexandria with a smile on his face and told Carol that his new idea would not be resolved. “If you stay here, she will kill you.” “She said, Maggie’s shots seemed to do just that. “I just don’t want to die because of my conscience, and now I don’t. Negan stared unwaveringly, smiling at Maggie as he did.

So, what is he playing? What do you think of the publisher of Season 10? I know it’s a bottle of wine, but come on, this is great, isn’t it? Rate “Here’s Negan” in the poll below, and then comment in the comments.

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