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The US Mexico Border Map shows how difficult it would be to build a border wall

Gibson said TBV volunteers need to stick to several rules before they can join. The first is that they must have a covert handgun license, another is that they can only carry handguns – absolutely no long rifles that could unnecessarily intimidate both migrants and landowners and lead to a serious injury.

But the most important rule for volunteers is that they can never understand humans themselves. Instead, they send the border police the whereabouts of suspected migrants and turn to migrants only when they need help urgently.

Gibson said some volunteers were once arrested while tying migrants while waiting for Border Patrol – and these volunteers were immediately released from the group.

"Incidents like these can not only cause us to be kicked off the property, but also by the law enforcement agencies who say," Fuck, we're not working with you, "Gibson said.

The group takes their work seriously And while Gibson said he personally has no hostility towards migrants seeking a better life in the US, he and others in the group are of the opinion that the illegal crossing of the border is a simple question of right and wrong

"The limit is a problem, and this is an opportunity for us to be proactive and do something that could help," Gibson said, "Well, we're not a panacea ̵

1; we're not solving everything – but it is a chance for us to do something productive, to help law enforcement agencies help the landowners, and we are very happy with it. "

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