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With nearly 9 million boxes of COVID-19 in the United States, Chicago has banned indoor dining.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, nearly 80,000 new confirmed cases were reported Thursday, including 994 new deaths.

Cases in Los Angeles surged, and county health officials reported 1,745 new cases on Thursday, the highest number of daily cases since late August. In Texas, as the number of hospitalizations increased, a judge in El Paso ordered the closure of non-essential services for two weeks beginning Friday.

On a global scale, Japan has the highest infection rate of 100,000, of which nearly one-third are from Tokyo, while the number reported by India has fallen every day after over 8 million cases, second only to the United States.

📈 Today’s numbers: U.S. reports over 8.9 According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there are 1 million cases and more than 228,000 deaths. Global total: 45 million cases and 1.18 million deaths.

🗺️ Mapping the coronavirus: Track the U.S. outbreak in your state.

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Study: 20% of grocery store workers have COVID-19

A study published on Thursday found that grocery store workers are at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, with one-fifth of the workers surveyed testing positive and most of them have progressive cases.

The study found that workers involved in roles that interact with customers are five times more likely to be tested positive. The study was published in the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Three-quarters of patients who test positive have no symptoms.

Researcher Justin Yang told CNN: “This is absolutely shocking because it means that employees of retail grocery stores are in contact with customers and act as intermediaries for the virus, almost like super spreaders. same.”

Outbreak in Europe: 10 million cases; Spanish state of emergency until May

The European Director of the World Health Organization said on Thursday that since the pandemic began, more than 10 million COVID-19 cases have occurred in European countries, breaking the weekly record, with more than 1.5 million confirmed cases last week.

Dr Hans Kruger, WHO Regional Director for Europe, said: “Europe is once again at the center of this pandemic.” “At the risk of ringing the alarm bell, I must express our real concerns.”

The Spanish Parliament voted to keep the state of emergency unchanged until May 2021. France said that next month, its citizens will be restricted to within half a mile of their houses unless they buy food or go to school or some other exceptions. Pope Francis will stop his public audience and restrict participation during the Christmas period.

Fauci supports the National Mask Directive

Dr. Anthony Fucci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that earlier this week, the United States needed the authorization of the national mask and expressed concern that the country is “in a poor position” with COVID-19 cases and hospitalization. .

Fauci made a comment on the mask in a conversation with CNBC host Shephard Smith on Wednesday, and Smith asked if it was “time” and whether it required state authorization.

“We do.” Fauci said. “I hope that mayors and governors do not do this nationwide.”

Fauci also said this week that the situation in the United States is not ideal as COVID-19 cases continue to rise and more cases are expected during winter and holidays.

“We are in a bad situation,” he said in an interview with Dr. Howard Bauchner, chief editor of JAMA on Wednesday. “What bothers me very much is that after experiencing the initial substantial growth, we never dropped to a low baseline.”

CDC: Boys with COVID-19 may cause 116 cases in Wisconsin summer camp

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that a boy who arrived at a summer camp in southeastern Wisconsin could spread the virus to 116 people without knowing it was infected with COVID-19.

According to a report released on Thursday, between July 2 and August 11, an infected camper was tested negative before arrival, resulting in nearly 80% of camp participants being diagnosed with COVID-19.

On July 28, after a small number of children in close contact with the boy became ill or tested positive, state health officials tested almost all participants in a faith-based boy camp. The report said that during the outbreak, at least one confirmed case was found in every dormitory room and yurt.

The CDC said all illnesses were mild to moderate, and there were no hospitalizations or deaths.

–Molly Beck, Milwaukee Daily Outpost

Los Angeles County reports the highest number of daily cases since late August

There has been a surge in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County, with health officials reporting 19 new deaths and 1,745 new cases on Thursday, the highest number of daily cases since late August.

Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said in a statement: “The large number of cases every day is very worrying because, as we have seen in the past, the increase in cases has led to an increase in hospitalizations and deaths. These increases hinder our ability. Continue to open up other industries and allow more children to return to school.”

The news was released three days after the county reached two severe milestones: 7,000 confirmed deaths and 300,000 infections. The health care agency said on Monday that “the celebration of the Lakers’ victory in the Finals is very likely to lead to an increase in cases.

In the ongoing pandemic, IHOP may close nearly 100 restaurants across the country

As the pandemic continues to affect indoor dining operations in the United States, IHOP may close as many as 100 locations in the United States. Dine Brands Global, the parent company of the pancake shop, announced the news in its third-quarter earnings report on Thursday.

The report states: “Considering the economic impact of the pandemic on individual restaurants, the company is evaluating the feasibility of domestic IHOP restaurants that have performed poorly.” The closure will take place within the next six months.

Applebee’s, also owned by Dine Brands Global, will close about 15 restaurants before the end of this year.

–Coral Murphy

Clemson Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence tests positive for COVID-19

Trevor Lawrence, the junior quarterback of the No. 1 Clemson Tigers and the front runner of the Heisman Trophy, tested positive for COVID-19 After that, he will not play in the game against Boston College on Saturday.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said in a press release: “Trevor authorized us to announce this evening that he has been tested for COVID-19 and is currently in isolation. He is currently in isolation. The condition is mild, but in poor condition against the Boston College game.

The Tigers are scheduled to play at Notre Dame de Paris on Saturday.

–Steve Gardner

El Paso, Texas, ordered a two-week suspension of production amid a surge in COVID-19

A judge in El Paso County, Texas, ordered the closure of non-essential services starting at midnight on Friday for a period of two weeks due to the increasing number of hospitalizations due to the COVID-19 crisis.

County judge Ricardo Samaniego announced on Thursday that since voting is an essential service, voting will continue and voting will continue. The judge said that the hospital is full and the medical staff are overwhelmed. As the virus spreads, it is necessary to close the hospital.

Samaniego said: “Due to the status quo of the numbers, we seem to have been overshadowed.” He added that in recent days, new infections have continued to rise.

During the outbreak, El Paso continued to reach unprecedented levels, with record numbers of active cases, hospital patients, intensive care and positive rates. Public health officials reported on Thursday morning that there were a record 14359 active cases, 934 hospitalized patients, and 245 intensive care units, with an average positive rate of 17.24% for seven consecutive days.

-Daniel Borunda and Vic Kolenc of El Paso Times

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