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The United States executes a female prisoner for the first time in 67 years

Kansas, Mississippi (AP)-A judge has granted the suspension of her first execution of a female prisoner in the US government in nearly seven decades-A woman in Kansas killed a mother-to-be in Missouri and cut the baby from her. The uterus is passed to the newborn as a newborn.

“Topeka Capital-Journal” reported that Judge Patrick Hanlon (Patrick Hanlon) made this decision on Monday night, citing the need to determine Montgomery’s intelligence.. Lisa Montgomery faced execution on Tuesday at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana, and President-elect Biden, the opponent of the federal death penalty, took office just eight days before.

Montgomery drove from her Melvin, Kansas, farmhouse to Skidmore, in northwest Missouri, about 1

70 miles (273.59 kilometers) away, under the guise of adopting 23-year-old dog breeder Bobbie Jo Stinnett A hound dog. She strangled Stannette with a rope before having a rough caesarean section and fleeing with the baby.

She was arrested the next day after showing off her premature baby Victoria Jo. Victor Jo, now 16, has not spoken about the tragedy publicly.

“When we crossed the threshold, the Amber Alert was rolling on TV at that moment,” recalled Randy Strong, who was part of the Northwest Missouri case team at the time.

He looked to the right and saw Montgomery holding the newborn baby. She was relieved when she handed her over to law enforcement. In the previous few hours, he had been blurred. He photographed Stinnett’s body and spent a sleepless night looking for clues-not sure if the baby is dead or alive, or what she looks like.

But then the tips about Montgomery began to spread. Montgomery had a history of false pregnancy and suddenly gave birth to a child. The location of the strong killing is now the Sheriff of Nodaway County, who jumped into an unmarked car with another police officer. He learned on the way that the email address fischer4kids@hotmail.com used for the fatal meeting with Stinnett was sent from the dial-up connection at his Montgomery home.

Strong recalled: “I absolutely knew I was going to walk into the murderer’s house.” When he approached her house, a rat was wrapped around his feet. Like Stinnett, Montgomery also has rat terriers.

Bobbie Jo Stinnett’s mother, Becky Harper, told a dispatcher in Missouri that her daughter was crying when she tripped in a pool of blood, her uterus was cut, and what she had been pregnant with The child is missing.

“It’s like she exploded,” Harper told the dispatcher during a desperate and futile request for help for his daughter on December 16, 2004.

The prosecutor said her motive was that Steinnet’s ex-husband knew that she had undergone tubal ligation, which made her infertile, and planned to reveal that she was lying and was preparing to become pregnant to raise two of her four children. When Montgomery needed a baby in the upcoming court, he turned his attention to Steinette, who he met at the dog show.

However, Montgomery’s lawyers believe that Montgomery’s childhood sexual abuse caused mental illness. Attorney Kelley Henry agreed with Monday’s decision and stated in a statement to Capital Magazine: Montgomery suffered from brain damage and severe mental illness because of her lifelong torture at the hands of caregivers aggravated This situation. “

Her stepfather denied the sexual abuse in the video testimony and said that when he faced the transcript of the divorce proceedings, he did not have a good memory and he admitted that he had suffered physical abuse. Her mother testified that she never filed a police complaint because he threatened her and her children.

However, the jurors of the hearing (some of whom wept in the unpleasant testimony) ignored the defender’s charges and believed that her kidnapping had led to death.

Prosecutors believe that when Montgomer used a kitchen knife to cut the baby girl from the womb, Steinnet regained consciousness and tried to defend himself. Later that day, Montgomery called her husband to pick her up at a long John Silver parking lot in Topeka, Kansas, and told him that she gave birth at a nearby birthing center earlier in the day.

She finally confessed, and found the rope and bloody knife used to kill Stinnett in her car. After searching her computer, she discovered that it was used to research caesarean sections and order delivery tools.

Steinnett’s husband Zeb (Zeb) told the jurors that when he learned of his wife’s death, his world “collapsed”. He said that he has not returned to the couple’s home in Skidmore for several months. Skidmore is a small farming community that has gained notoriety since 1981 when he killed the town king Ken Rex McIlroy in front of a group of people who refused to suggest a murderer. The crime is recorded in the book “Broad Days”, which is comparable to the TV movie, the movie “Relentless” and the mini-series “Nobody Saw”.

Recently, on Victoria Jo’s birthday, he sent a message to Sheriff Strong through Facebook Messenger to thank him.

“I just cried,” Strong recalled. “Whether it is in a nightmare or someone wants to call to interview him, he is constantly reminded. This family does not want to be interviewed. They want to be alone. The past and history of the Skidmore community is disturbing. They don’t want this. They don’t deserve this.”

Montgomery was originally scheduled to be executed on December 8. However, because her lawyer signed the prison for coronavirus visits, the death sentence was suspended.

After a 17-year work stoppage on July 14th, federal executions resumed. The anti-death penalty organization stated that President Donald Trump is pushing for executions before the November election and is working cynically to improve the reputation of rule-of-law leaders. .

US officials have portrayed these death sentences as bringing prolonged justice to the victims and their families.

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