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The “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character” feature in the offensive ad

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition The character Terry Bogard joined the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite games after being released as a DLC character in 2018, and is at the center of a new controversy involving controversial advertisements produced by SNK and one of its authorized partners.The ad-has been searched on social media and gaming forums-the ad is for mobile games and its name is SNK All Star. Although the advertisement was not produced by SNK, the company had to apologize for it due to its indirect participation.

The ad itself contains three female SNK characters of Terry Bogard riding a motorcycle and photographing them to the bottom as they pass by. Of course, this is a problem in itself for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it does not represent the character well. However, the fact that makes the crime more serious is that one of the female characters is often portrayed as a teenager.

Below, you can view the ad yourself:

According to SNK, it not only does not participate in the creation of advertisements, but also does not understand its existence. However, it has apologized and pointed out that it has also filed a complaint about the advertisement and requested its immediate removal.

SNK said: “We sincerely apologize to fans, and try to make such offensive advertisements public and hope you understand.” “We will work hard to do better in the future with our partners.”

At the time of publication, Nintendo has not yet commented on the ad and is unlikely to comment.When the role is Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition, This ad has been removed from games and Nintendo far enough that the company may not comment on this matter. However, if it does, we will make sure to update the story with whatever content is provided.

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