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The Steelers’ Minkah Fitzpatrick talks about the playoffs in Alabama (NFL)

Before Sunday’s wildcard playoff clash with the Browns, the Steelers safety officer Minkah Fitzpatrick was in a Q&A with Post columnist Steve Serby Many seats were occupied in the session.

Q: How hungry are you that QB Ben Roethlisberger won the third Super Bowl ring?

Answer: I think he is very hungry. In recent days, I have seen more exciting things in his footsteps, and now this circle is at stake. And we are going there and trying to give it to him.

Question: Please describe your on-site mentality.

Answer: I am instinctive, and then go there and try to go from bragging to bragging. For me it is a game. I̵

7;m going to play there and put the chips on my shoulder.

Q: Please describe the personality of the Steelers defense.

Answer: This is aggressive…physical. …Our main goal is to go from bragging to whistling and let you play as you wish.

Q: What is your definition of the Pittsburgh Steelers?

A: I like the blue-collar mentality…work hard and struggle in everything.

Q: What is your favorite big game?

Answer: I like it because we have to face fierce competition. You know that you are going to fight the A-plus team and you must prepare for A-plus throughout the week. When you are away from home, you must let A-plus take care of your body and your mind. This is the accumulation of all the things you have done throughout the week.

Q: How do you compare Alabama coach Nick Saban with Stillers coach Mike Tomlin?

Answer: They have a lot in common. The way they prepare for the game is crazy. They pay great attention to details and never miss a step.

Minkah Fitzpatrick
Minkah Fitzpatrick
Associated Press

Q: What drives you?

Answer: Its competitive aspect. Whether it is every day or history, I want to do my best. And there are the opportunities provided by this game, the opportunities provided by the league and everything that comes with it-whether it can create opportunities for my family through it, whether it can pay the bills for myself and everything like that in my future family. I have never had it before, so I can create opportunities for people around me and live a good life.

Q: Why do you want to be outstanding?

Answer: I stick to this standard. I know I can do it, and I know it may be a member of the Hall of Fame, because I keep myself to this standard every day-whether in practice, in a meeting, in a movie or taking care of my body. I feel I have to meet that standard, so I am happy to set it as a goal.

Q: Why are you proud to be the so-called Swiss Army Knife?

Answer: I think this is a compliment. Not many people can move around and do a lot on the football field because it requires a lot of things. When people say you can do this, it’s your teammates and coaches. They say they trust you very much.

Q: Do you think you are similar to Troy Polamalu?

Answer: I think we have similarities. I think we are both instinctive guys. His mobility is higher than mine, but he has such a range, natural skills, natural athletes and smart players.

Q: Which quarterback do you expect that has not intercepted?

A: (Laughs) My list is long, buddy.

Q: What is your favorite NFL blocker so far?

A: My first opponent was Tom Brady in my rookie season.we [Dolphins] It’s a big fall, so it’s no big deal (laughs). He is the best ever. so cool.

Q: Do you remember Adam Gas’s game?

Answer: I will not talk about this too much. The past is the past (laughs).

Q: Please describe Brown chasing Nick Chubb.

Answer: He is far-sighted and he does not miss many loopholes. The center of gravity is low and the contact balance is large.

Q: His backcourt partner Kareem Hunt (Kareem Hunt)?

A: To be honest, he swings a little bit more for him compared to Nick.

Q: Brown QB Baker Mayfield?

Answer: We have to put pressure on him to make him uncomfortable in his pocket.

Q: What do you think of a former teammate from Alabama-Rookie Giants safety Xavier McKinney?

Answer: He is an excellent player and I like to play with X Man. Honestly, he reminds me of myself. He is very smart, he is a person who has been studying movies and studying and asking questions of older people. He was injured recently, but he came back and gave an impact performance.

Q: Jets defensive guard Quinn Williams?

Answer: He is a funny person, man (laughs), but he likes football games, I don’t think anyone like him likes it. His energy is a contagious sexual energy.

Q: DeVonta Smith, the Bama relay who won the Heisman Award?

A: He is very explosive. He has nothing to do on the football field. He is very reliable.

Q: Crimson Tide RB Najee Harris (Najee Harris)?

A: He is strong, with a big back and strong, but he is also very athletic. You will see him jumping over people, making people miss, and then escaping from DB in an empty place.

Q: Are you surprised that the former’Bama QB Jalen Hurts replaced Carson Wentz?

Answer: Not at all. He is very detail-oriented and a competitor, so I am not surprised by any success he has achieved.

Q: What is your best football moment?

Answer: The national championship I won in college, I won twice. Both are very meaningful. …The one in my third grade [2018 season] We won when we defeated Georgia in the deep bomb that defeated DeVonta Smith at the last second.First [2016 season], I did not play my best game. I got bittersweet memories from that moment.

Q: What was it like losing to Deshaun Watson and Clemson in the 2017 Championship?

Answer: This is difficult, but it motivates us. We have a lot of talent and we know we should win that game.

Q: What makes Deshaun Watson different?

Answer: He is a very, very complete quarterback. I think he is underestimated in a sense-the way he pitches, his accuracy, his arm strength. …I think it is ignored because he is an excellent athlete. Although he can run and kick the ball with his legs, he is also a pitcher.

Q: What do you think of Ohio, Alabama on Monday night?

A: I think it will be a good game, two very good teams, excellent offense and excellent defense.

Q: If you could resist any difficult situation in NFL history, who would it be?

Answer: Tony Gonzalez.

Q: What is your favorite memory of the St. Peter preparation course in Jersey City?

Answer: we won [2014] State Champion Senior [over Paramus Catholic]. It is held at the MetLife Stadium. …I remember being crazy holding the trophy with my teammates in the middle of the field.

Q: Who is your childhood idol?

Answer: I am a big fan of Philadelphia, so [defensive back] Brian Dawkins.

Question: What do you mean by admiring him so much?

Answer: I like his playing attitude.

Minkah Fitzpatrick entered the penalty area after intercepting Baker Mayfield.
Associated Press

Q: Two dinner guests?

Answer: Jesus, MLK.

Q: Favorite movie?

Answer: “Scary benefits”.

Q: Favorite actor?

Answer: Denzel Washington.

Q: Favorite actress?

Answer: Viola Davis.

Q: Favorite singer/artist?

A: I am Anthony Hamilton (John Hamilton), the big man of John Leon (John Legend).

Q: Favorite meal?

Answer: Any type of macaroni and chicken macaroni.

Q: The floods caused by Hurricane Irene forced your family to rebuild their houses.

Answer: It shaped me and made me who I am today.

Q: What do you want your football legacy to become?

A: I think what I hope is obvious is the eagle-like safety, and he is smart, instinct, and a good leader on and off the court.

Q: How would you describe the mentality of the Steelers in the wild card game against the Browns on Sunday night?

A: We must focus on execution, focus on us, focus on controlling our emotions and persevering in high-level games.

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