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Wisconsin reported its highest daily number of coronavirus cases on Wednesday, at more than 1,700.

The three days with higher counts all arrived within the last week.

For most of September, as the university reopened, the state has struggled to deal with the rapidly increasing number of cases, especially among young people.

Cases of every age group and race are increasing. According to Journal Sentinel, Green Bay, Fox Valley and La Crosse have become hot spots for the virus in recent days.

On Wednesday, the State Department of Health Services reported 1,762 new coronavirus cases and 11,691 negative tests, with a positive rate of 13.1%.

The average positive rate in the last 7 days was 16.9%. The 7-day average of new cases is higher than before, at 1,888.

The state also reported 8 deaths, bringing the death toll to 1,259.

More than 1.4 million people across the state have been tested for the virus. Among 105,932 Wisconsin state, they tested positive:

  • The DHS standard has “recovered” 84.4%, or 89,393, which means that there is documentation to prove that the symptoms have been eliminated or 30 days have passed since the diagnosis.
  • 14.4% (ie 15,262) are considered “active”, which means they have not recovered and have not yet died.

As of Wednesday, a total of 509 people were hospitalized due to COVID-19. According to the Wisconsin Hospital Association, this is the largest number of hospitalizations since the pandemic began.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security reported that 140 of the virus hospitalized were in the ICU.

According to Johns Hopkins University, as of mid-Wednesday, there have been more than 31.7 million cases worldwide. Of these, there are more than 6.9 million cases and 201,319 deaths in the United States.

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