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The sequel to the legend of the god of war is promising

Although very little is known about the upcoming “God of War”

; sequel, the short trailer does make a promise and may be too big for its horseback.

Despite all the rumors, when Sony and Santa Monica Studios confirmed Mars The sequel, usually called God of War, Its development time is 2021. Naturally, the trailer only confirmed this, nothing more, but this in itself seems to be a great hope.

There is no doubt that this announcement makes the sequel one of the most anticipated games of 2021, but people really have to question whether it will actually land next year. In the trailer, only the logo remains, the release date 2021 and the statement “Ragnarok is coming”. With these, fans can see the subtitles (and the runes on the logo) from there, there is nothing to continue, and the game will not be released next year.

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War God Ragnarok release date

First, it is worth looking at the development of the original PS4 game. Mars It was announced at the 2016 E3 conference and released in April 2018. It took 22 months from disclosure to release.Obviously, if Mars The PS5 sequel will come out in 2021, which is much less; however, development is a complicated process. The benefit of this is that there is another major red flag.First of all, this trailer confirms God of War, Not when it actually started. The strange thing is that Santa Monica has been in this area for a while, even at the end of the development of the previous game, and it is possible that all the problems of 2020 will appear later.

On the other hand, for game developers, 2020 is a difficult year, so many games have experienced delays. Developing large-scale AAA games during a pandemic is no easy task, which can slow down the process significantly.for Mars Landing in 2021 may be much further than many people expected. However, these expectations should be shaped by what is known, and this is rare. Again, the correct title and name have not even been revealed, it is just a tease of the story, and the gameplay is fragmentary.Some games may go from being revealed to being released within 6 months, but when all factors are considered, it seems not enough God of War The release date of the bet in 2021 has been shown. Despite the “promise” made by the trailer, this is still the case.

Is the legend of the God of War postponed to 2022?

Ares ps5 exclusive

There is also a message that God of War The delay may have occurred, or at least it has already appeared on the table.Back in November, Sony released a PS5 trailer, which indicated the release window for many first-party games, including Ratchets and jingles: Rift Valley to Horizon West Ban.What is obviously missing is Mars The game was announced only 2 months ago. Of course, the trailer may have been pre-installed and ready to go before this, and there is no conclusive evidence that the delay is occurring. However, there are many objections.

For many, Mars Coming soon, dear, and a 2021 release date is a big hope-it makes sense from a big picture. However, getting into a stiff quagmire will bring up many of the issues raised here. Currently, supporters can only wait for the next update from Sony and Santa Monica, which should be released at least in 2021. Mars A quick marketing campaign (after all, selling the game does not require a lot of things), the game will be released at the end of next year, but at the same time, the sequel may take more time.

The expectations and expectations for games are high, but it is important that everyone who invests in games should control their expectations.Very sure God of War The fact that the sequel does exist is enough for now, and its next release will help determine what is truly promised or not.

of Mars The sequel is under development and is scheduled to be released in 2021.

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