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The Rockets gave up DeMarcus Cousins; the Lakers are a potential landing point for veteran bigs

DeMarcus Cousins ​​(at least at the beginning of his tenure with the Houston Rockets) was one of the worst players in the NBA. In 11 games, he averaged 6.1 points and shot 26.3%. But in late January, the former All-Star scene began to shine. In his past 14 games, he scored 12.4 points with a 44.6% shooting percentage. In his last outing as the Rockets, he gave Houston 19 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Now, Houston has given up the big man and allowed the former All-Star to compete with another team, which may be a contender.

He is still a flawed defensive player with extremely limited mobility. To say the least that his shooting options are questionable, and he is one of the biggest injury risks in the NBA. His superstar is likely to disappear. However, after playing a very specific role with the right teammates, Cousins ​​can still become a medium-productivity NBA player, and medium-productivity NBA players will rarely be listed in February. The cousin may not have the celebrity advantage, but he has a great advantage over the existing alternatives. Since Cousins ​​is free, he will arouse people̵

7;s interest, and these five teams are the most logical destinations.

Last season, the Lakers had their cousin turntables, and in all respects, it was a pretty positive experience. Although he was unable to play for the entire season due to a torn ACL, he never played in Los Angeles, but he was still an excellent soldier. When he was exempted in February to make room to buy additional shares, he was said to be right. Return. Kevin O’Connor of the Gunners reported that the Lakers are still interested in gatherings like this.

In the short term, this is not surprising. In the absence of Anthony Davis, the Lakers are short in stature. Even if he comes back, the two have achieved success together in New Orleans, so they enjoy each other’s games. Davis will play Cousins ​​in 2019. Recruited to Los Angeles.

The relevant question here is how Frank Vogel adapts his cousins ​​to the rotation. He simply cannot coexist with Marc Gasol on the defensive end. The two are too slow to share the floor. Montrezl Harrell’s fit is not ideal. Any team that signs Cousins ​​can do this, but the offensiveness has increased, but according to Synergy Sports, Harrell ranks 98th in overall offensive efficiency. The cousins ​​cannot improve on this basis. Harrell became a one-on-one scorer this season, scoring up to 1.2 points in a single game. Asking him to give up his cousin’s property minimizes his value, especially because he is a non-threat outside the three-point line. The defender easily got rid of his cousins ​​and further restrained Harrell’s outside line. Harrell’s own defensive limitations further weakened the overall strength of both sides.

Davis is the only Laker who can make up for the deficiencies of his cousins, and he is temporarily absent. Even if he came back, he didn’t have much midfield time, especially when Davis started playing more midfield time in the playoffs. The Lakers can allocate positions between cousins, Gasol and Harrell, but it remains to be seen how happy any of them will be with this arrangement.

Rob Pelinka can address these concerns in the trade market, although it seems unlikely. Gasol and Harrell both cut pay to play for the Lakers. Harrell is represented by Klutch Sports, he also represents LeBron James and Anthony Davis. He keeps his money on the table because he believes that becoming a Laker will help increase his value in the free agency market in 2021. Just to add cousins, is it really worth it to have Krach suffer the anger for betraying Harrell? Gasol is a member of the Lakers’ royal family. His younger brother Pau is a legend in the team, and his condition is already bad. After reaching an extremely friendly deal with his brother during the offseason, the Bath family may prefer not to be further alienated from his brother.

If the cousins ​​join them, Vogel will have to take care of another big name in an already crowded rotation. He did this successfully last season. The team led by LeBron James never shy away from high-risk, high-paid players, but joining a cousin does not hurt the size of the team like adding another big man to the team. .

When it comes to the size of the team’s damage, the Trail Blazers are essentially pretending that the reserve center position does not exist. Jusuf Nurkic, Zach Collins and Harry Giles were all out when they were injured, and the Trail Blazers switched to using tiny balls just to get Enes Kanter stepped onto the bench. It creates some of the most exciting style contrasts in basketball. Kanter can’t defend outside the paint. Robert Covington (Robert Covington) provides more rim protection than a player of his size, but he is best at roaming the perimeter and looking for steals and deflections. The Trail Blazers tried to get rid of Kanter’s shooting range. The playoffs have serious limitations. But the injury forced them to reach out, so they might as well embrace it temporarily.

Terry Stotts successfully concealed Kanter’s defensive shortcomings in the regular season, so theoretically, he could do the same for his cousins. Portland was interested in Cousins ​​in 2018 before signing with the Warriors. As we have seen with Carmelo Anthony, the Trail Blazers are very willing to lose interest in the rest of the league. A former target has long been dug up. Anthony’s journey of salvation was largely successful. Maybe the Blazers might have the same effect on the cousins.

Only one big man on the Toronto roster has a positive net score this season. The Raptors performed well when Chris Boucher was on the court. When Aron Baynes or Alex Len are on the floor, they won’t. According to reports, Toronto is already looking for upgrade opportunities in the central market. According to reports, Andre Drummond is also in sight. The cousins ​​will be an absolute cheap option and will bring their versatility towards the offense of big players.

The problem here is defense. Toronto is not known for conservative plans, because players with limited physical fitness like Cousins ​​depend on survival to survive. They switch. They raided. The attack area they hit only has the slowest spin effect. That is almost certainly a cousin. Nick Nurse is as adaptable as any basketball coach. If there is a coach who can design someone who can compensate for his weaknesses without affecting the defense of the rest of Toronto’s roster, it is him.

But Toronto’s overall identity over the past few seasons is based on the defense and shooting of each member of their rotation. They had to make some compromises out of necessity this season, but the cousins ​​will take it to a new level. A few weeks ago, difficult times may require desperate measures, but the Raptors have defeated them 8-3 in the past 11 games, and they can afford to be more critical than earlier this season.

Golden State Warriors

In pure basketball terms, returning to the Warriors may make more sense for Cousins ​​than rejoining the Lakers. Every time Stephen Curry sits on the bench, the Golden State Warriors’ offense falls off the cliff. With him, they scored 113 points per 100 rounds. Without him? Only 100.6. They make up for this with excellent backup defense, but most of it is based on unsustainable shooting percentages. The opponent’s three-point shooting rate reached 38% with Curry, and 34.7% without him. If any part of you thinks this may be Curry’s fault, remember that his playing time is largely controlled by Drummond Green.

In the end, opponents will succumb to the golden mean on the bench against the Golden State Warriors, and when that time comes, they may double their use on the offensive end. Cousins ​​can provide. He knows this system and his passing can encourage off-court sports that was so lacking without Curry and Draymond.

However, if the Golden State Warriors really want to keep their cousins ​​in 2019, there may be. After D’Angelo Russell signed and traded, people have been worried, but if Kevin Looney is allowed to leave, Cousins ​​may adapt. They didn’t, but when Rooney returned to the game with an injury, there was no reason to believe that Steve Kerr would save him from the rotation. James Wiseman (James Wiseman) is the same. His growth is so important to the long-term development of the organization that he cannot be sacrificed at the cousin meeting. Occasionally throw a little ball, which is usually good for Golden State this season, and the Warriors may not have enough time to satisfy Cousins.

Given Brooklyn’s relationship with Kevin Durant and his short stature, one might speculate whether Brooklyn is Cousins’ home, but from a purely basketball perspective, this makes no sense. The small ball lineup of centers under the name of Jeff Green is working. Brooklyn has enough firepower. Can they really take on another defensive responsibility? Especially people who don’t get along well with James Harden? maybe not. If Cousins ​​moves towards the Big Apple, the Knicks may be the landing point.

After all, they don’t have starting center Mitchell Robinson, and their No. 24 offense needs to be shaken even before being injured. The cousin’s skills are relatively similar to those of New York’s major shot put creator Julius Randle (Julius Randle), and he can maintain some systematic consistency on the bench. There are not as many centers as Randle can handle, pass and shoot like Randle, but if his last few games show signs, Cousins ​​may be able to get close in a limited time. Although Tom Thibodeau granted him more licenses for sports centers to defend the perimeter, the Knicks are not particularly flexible defensively. Cousins ​​can handcuff themselves to the rim and survive in New York.

Also consider Kentucky connections. There are four former Wildcats and assistant coach Kenny Payne on the Knicks roster. This may have to be a short-term supplement. Noel and Cousins ​​will not stay for a few more minutes after Robinson returns. But during the transition period? The cousins ​​make sense as the Knicks.

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