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The Ray’s Blake Snell praised his performance in Game 6, but will not question Cash’s decision to pull him: “Manager’s hell”

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell refused to question manager Kevin Cash’s decision to withdraw him from the grave on Tuesday night, but he believes that the sixth game of the World Series so far It was one of his best games in “a long time”.

After Rains’ heartbreaking loss to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the melancholy Snell told the media that he wants to complete the game for his team regardless of whether he wins or loses.

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When asked when Lei was still leading in the sixth quarter, when he was pulled, he said: “Absolutely disappointing and frustrating.”

; “I feel good. I feel I have done my best to prove that my case stays There, then let us lose, which sucks.”

Snell only allowed two hits and eliminated nine Dodgers, then Cash decided to send Nick Anderson, Nick Anderson won the double crown of Muki Bates-started a sequence that resulted in two Run fast.

“I really don’t know what to say. I just-I want to win, I want to win the World Series, this is the goal, so it’s terrible for us to lose.” Snell said. “I mean, I will not question him, he is the hell of the manager, so I will not question him. I will express my opinion, I can only look forward to the offseason and how I will finish the offseason in order to become My best person next year.”

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The 27-year-old All-Star is very confident in his performance. He told reporters that he does not believe there is more to make Rays in a better position to force Game 7.

“No shots, frankly, it was one of my best games in a long time… I felt very comfortable there.”

But Snell hardly criticized cash.

He said: “I don’t know how to say or say it-cash is usually correct, so for those who will write bad stories on decisions, he is usually correct.”

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Cash’s reason for attracting Snell was to avoid him facing the batter for the third time in the game.

“I fully respect and understand the issues that follow. Blake gave us every opportunity to win. He was excellent. They were not easy decisions. I don’t want Mookie and (Corey) Seager to see Blake for the third time,” He explained.

But for Snell, he was confident in his ability to adapt for the third time.

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“I just believe in me. I believe in my stuff. I believe in what I’m doing… For most of that game, I was doing everything possible and the lineup (Dodgers) was so Talented, so talented.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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