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The president of Alibaba said that the record-breaking “Singles Day” shows that Chinese consumers are “strong performance”


Oppenheimer believes these three stocks have skyrocketed by more than 100%

The US presidential election is drawing to a close, and Wall Street does not oppose the change of government. Last week, even though Trump’s chances of reelection were getting slimmer, the S&P 500 Index also set a record for its best performance in the second week. Chief investment strategist John Stoltzfus praised Oppenheimer: So far, at least until the Republican Party maintains control of the Senate, the stock market is not opposed to changing the US Administration. As we all know, in history, checks and balances “on the hill”

; are important to investors. However, there is still some uncertainty around the Senate. Georgia’s two final elections are scheduled for January 5, 15 days before the inauguration. In other words, Stoltzfors pointed out that the third-quarter performance of S&P 500 listed companies continued to be better than expected, and economic data related to employment growth and the sharp decline in the unemployment rate have also been pushing stocks to rise. With this in mind, we would like to take a closer look at the three stocks that received Oppenheimer’s applause. The company’s analysts predict that each stock has more than 100% upside potential. Using the TipRanks database, we learned that the rest of Wall Street is consistent because all three people have the consensus of “Strong Buy” analysts. Strongbridge Biopharma (SBBP) First, we own Strongbridge Biopharma, a company that focuses on developing therapies for rare diseases with unmet needs. Before an important regulatory document, Oppenheimer believed that SBBP’s $2.12 share price reflected an attractive entry point. As an analyst representing the company, analyst Hartaj Singh pointed out that investors’ concerns are directly focused on Cushing’s syndrome on the company’s research cortisol synthesis inhibitor Recorlev. The company is preparing to submit a new drug application for the therapy in the first quarter of 2021, and analysts are optimistic about the drug’s potential approval. In the LOGICS study, the therapy reached the primary endpoint, and SBBP reported that the number of patients who dropped out of the placebo group had a 54.5% higher urinary free cortisol (mUFC) response than those who were still using Recorlev. In addition, after switching to a placebo within an 8-week time frame, Recorlev’s therapeutic effect on cholesterol is rapidly reversible. At the same time, in the SONICS study, a significant benefit of normalization of mUFC was observed in 30% of patients and several patients. It should also be noted that none of the 44 randomly assigned patients was discontinued due to adverse events. “After LOGICS, we continue to treat Recorlev as a differentiated treatment for Cushing, compared to both over-the-counter ketoconazole and branded treatments. The management reiterated the drug based on market surveys of payers and doctors. Confidence in positioning. Singh explained that given that LOGICS has reiterated the clinical benefits observed by SONICS, we are very pleased that it may become the main treatment for the disease. In addition, the management does not expect to hold an AdComm meeting, and Singh believes that from safety The view of effectiveness and effectiveness may be improved before the potential PDUFA decision. To this end, he hopes that as the NDA filing and acceptance work gets closer, this will make more visibility a good news. The launch of Keveyis The company’s FDA-approved treatment for hyperkalemia, hypokalemia and related variants of primary periodic paralysis (an ultra-rare disease) Singh said that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, neuromuscular The disease is still progressing smoothly. “Sales in the quarter were approximately US$8 million, higher than our estimate of US$7.8 million. The growth trajectory of this product is encouraging, and there is more room for the long-term growth highlighted by management . We anticipate that these efforts may be attributed to these efforts with other updates to the lifecycle management strategy. To this end, Singh rated SBBP’s stock as “outperform” (ie, “buy”), and set its target stock price at $7. What are the benefits for investors? The upside potential is 233%. (To view Singer’s track record, click here.) In short, other analysts are responding to Singer’s views. Three times of buying, no holding or selling, add up to the “strong buy” consensus rating. The average target price is US$8 and the upside potential is 272%. Molecular template (MTEM) Molecular template (MTEM) is dedicated to bringing the next generation of immunotoxins called engineered toxin bodies (ETB) to the market, a new type of therapy with unique biology and unique mechanism of action. Although one of the trials was partially clinically shelved, Oppenheimer still believes that its long-term growth narrative is strong. The phase 2 single-drug trial evaluated the lead drug candidate MT-3724, an ETB (B cell marker) that targets CD20. It is expressed in 90% of B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) and was partially clinically shelved due to treatment-related deaths on November 4. Management pointed out that capillary leak syndrome (CLS) is The cause of the patient’s death. MT-3724 is currently undergoing three ongoing phase 2 trials, one monotherapy and two combination therapies evaluation, it should be noted that six patients (fatal patients and five in DLBCL monotherapy Patients receiving treatment in the study) received the drug from the same batch, and the top five have completed the study without CLS evidence. Later PK analysis found that among the five-sixths of the patients treated in the batch, the highest drug Exposure (Cmax) reached 3-4 times the expected level. Management plans to investigate the cause of the increase in Cmax. Kevin DeGeeter of Oppenheimer told the customer: “We want to accumulate the share of MTEM to any weaknesses according to expectations: 1) Manufacturing batches Inconsistency may lead to a limited number of patients with excess Cmax, thus providing clear evidence. The way to solve this problem; 2) Limit the immunogen from MT-3724 (only the first-generation ETB main chain product) to other product line plans Reading through sex, and 3) Be cautious about the commercial opportunities of MT-3724 before clinical launch. Even if CLS is determined to be dose-related, five-star analysts believe that MT-3724 still has a way forward because monotherapy research is being evaluated The dose of 50μg/mg. kg, while the dose evaluated in the joint study is 10-25μg/kg. This reflects another positive aspect, the reservation does not affect the research of the second-generation ETB backbone products, including MT-5111, TAK -169 and MT-6402. In addition, the company will also provide clinical updates on CTX001, which is a potential treatment for sickle cell disease (SCD). DeGeeter believes: “Our investment argument is based at least in part on the ETB platform and large biological Continuous cooperation of technology companies. It is suitable for targets outside the core oncology focus of MTEM. Although MT-3724 has a place in the clinic, MTEM is still in active discussions with potential partners. DeGeeter is optimistic that his rating of MTEM is “outperform” (ie “buy”) and set a target price of $20. This figure shows that the current level has 123% upside. (To view DeGeeter’s track record, click here) Do other analysts agree? they are. Only 3 exact “buy” ratings have been published in the last three months. Therefore, the message is clear: TEMM is a strong buy. Considering the average price target of $18.33, the stock price could surge 108% next year. (See MTEM stock analysis on TipRanks) Provention Bio (PRVB) is at the forefront of autoimmune diseases, Provention Bio is committed to improving the lives of patients around the world. As the company has made great strides in obtaining approval for one of the therapies, Oppenheimer believes it is time to snap up stocks. On November 2, Provention Bio announced that the rolling submission of BLA to the FDA for regulatory approval of teplizumab for delaying or preventing clinical type 1 diabetes (T1D) in high-risk populations has been completed. The submitted content includes chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) and administrative information modules. Now, the FDA has 60 days to review the final submission to determine whether the BLA is complete, and then determine the PDUFA date. Analyst Optinheimer pointed out in his letter to the author that the acceptance of BLA will be a key milestone for PRVB. “We believe that the external verification and review of the application will benefit Provention’s major efforts to complete the application, which is to expand the scale of production. As potential advisory committee meetings and regulatory decisions subsequently receive greater verification, We are confident that these events will be studied based on the established clinical characteristics of teplizumab. The analyst stated that the infusion cycle, logistical methods, and doctors/patients’ acceptance of this approach, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, are causing people Great attention. Kim’s opinion. Since it has established meaningful relationships between the major T1D advocacy organizations and the foundation, “prevention work is in a good position and connected to each other, thus providing a basis for screening and identification programs. power. “The analyst added: “Although the barriers to successful execution are high, we believe the returns are proportionate. “In terms of long-term opportunities, the “TN-10 population standard” is still an area of ​​focus, Jin said, “These opportunities can not only expand the market opportunities for teprezumab, but also greatly strengthen its position in the treatment paradigm. “He also mentioned that the re-dosing paradigm of teplizumab and the adjuvant use after transplantation are other advantages. In summary, Jin said: “PRVB is still not fully understood in our universe, probably because of The macro theme of COVID-19 and the name of momentum. However, as PRVB continues to execute through successful supervision, pre-commercial and commercial milestones, we believe that the stock may enter a major revaluation period. ) The rating remains unchanged. While calling options, he maintained the target stock price at $29, implying that its upside potential is 106%. (To view Kim’s history, click here). Go to the rest of the street and the bulls will put it on this street. In the past three months, there were 4 buys and no hold or sell allocations. Wall Street’s argument is that PRVB is a strong buy. The average target price is $28.75, which means that the upside potential is 104%. (See PRVB stock analysis on TipRanks) For great ideas to find stocks with attractive valuations, please visit TipRanks’ Best Buys to Buy, a newly launched tool that combines all the stock insights from TipRanks in together. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are for reference only to those featured analysts. The content is for reference only. Before making any investment, it is very important to conduct your own analysis.

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