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The NFL draft was once a Super Bowl for Brown fans. Now it’s time to show off! –Terry Pluto

Cleveland, Ohio – I know some people who once hoped that the Browns would lose every game.


Because for them, the NFL draft is the Super Bowl. The way their team even dreams of the Super Bowl is high water mark and frequent drafts.

A few years ago, I wrote something like this: “Finally, Cleveland has a Super Bowl!”


This is because the 2021 NFL trials will be held in our town this week.

In the 26th overall pick, the Browns chose…

I don’t know who they will pick with the 26th overall pick. The draft is already on my list of writing priorities, which is very rare.

The Browns’ record last season was 11-5. They entered the playoffs. They beat Pittsburgh in the first round. They have a quarterback at Baker Mayfield.

“I have been watching the Browns since 1999 and have never felt indifferent to the draft,” Ed Bobincheck wrote. “It’s good because I don’t think this is the core of the Browns having to build a victory… but having a pick here is of great significance. I love Cleveland and this gives us a chance to show off.”

How will Brown handle the 26th pick? I think this will be a defense.


I know very well: in the post-draft press conference, the Cleveland Browns did not have any choice to lift the No. 1 jersey.

I hope that the narrative surrounding the Cleveland Draft is no longer about a bleak franchise in a depressed city. For the town and the team, this should be an optimistic transformation story.

2014 brown draft...like

Cleveland Browns general manager Ray Farmer (right) and head coach Mike Pettien (left) maintain the 2014 first-round picks Johnny Manzier (middle right) and Justin Gilbert Jersey. Both players failed.General dealer

Not what

I would be ashamed to count how many times I have written, “This is the most important draft in the history of the Browns.”

The latest is 2018…

And 2017…

And 2016…

In fact, because the Browns were the top picks in 2018 and 2017. They ranked second in 2016 transactions.

Do you know what it means to call the draft “monument” or “the greatest history in franchise history”?

This means that your team is in big trouble. This means you don’t have a quarterback. This means you have to deceive yourself into believing that a draft pick can solve the problems that have existed in franchising for many years.

Ron Koehler wrote: “I used to stop in front of the TV all day on Saturday and Sunday to read drafts.” “I hope the Browns will win the draft. I remember such things as Barkevious Mingo, Corey Coleman, Akron’s Charlie Frye, Ed King, T-Rich (Trent Richardson), Johnny Football (Johnny Manziel), Cam Erving and others chose to cheer.”

Ron lists more players, but I have a headache, and the list has gotten worse.

It's him!

Cleveland Browns coach Pat Shurmur (Pat Shurmur) left, introduced top draft pick Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson).General dealer

Remember the crazy dog!

Sure enough, when I asked readers to provide feedback on this topic on my Facebook page, he didn’t mention it.

I scrolled down and saw Gregory Shewood wrote: “When we drafted Mike Junkin, my disappointment began.”

Ah yes. . . The lunatic is in the meat market.

This is how the Browns scouts described Junkin when the team selected him as the fifth overall pick in the 1987 draft.

For Brown’s central defender, it is not very suitable.

When the Browns selected Richardson as the third overall pick in 2012, I was very excited. I’m wrong. In 2013, CEO Joe Banner transported the running event back to the Colts for the first round of the 2014 draft. The banner ad was fired before he made a choice, and the latter became Johnny Manziel.


“Poor drafting and poor decisions made this team more than 20 years behind after 8 goals,” Mark Potthoff wrote. “That’s why the NFL Draft is a Super Bowl for Brown fans. It really is. The year we drafted Justin Gilbert and Manziel was almost over for me.

Weed lost

I like what Shawn Palmer (Shawn Palmer) said: “I remember watching the draft and they announced that’When they got the 30th overall pick in the draft, the Cleveland Browns chose the Ohio State Special Team. Craig Powell.”

I don’t remember the situation of the special team, but he may be right.

I do remember asking former Browns coach Bill Belichick how Powell performed as a rookie in the 1995 training camp.

Belichick stared at me and said, “He has lost himself.”

Then Belichick looked away.

Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry and coach Kevin Stefanski gave Browns fans confidence in entering the draft.Joshua Gunter, cleveland.com

Quiet confidence

The fans did not win after the 2021 season.

“The draft has always been the playoffs for our Cleveland fans,” Jorge Ramos wrote. “It feels really good to be on the other side now.”

Or as Jim Michener wrote: “It’s much more relaxed this year.”

Since their return in 1999, the 11-5 season is the best season in the history of the Browns regrettable.

You can say that the Browns in 1994 were also 11-5. They also won the playoffs. But they lost to the Steelers in the second round. Then move.

“Brown finally has a good general manager, coach, staff and culture,” Todd Long wrote. “We are moving in the right direction.”

This is because the Browns have solved the QB problem with Mayfield and have a strong offensive line.

The desperate search for QB resulted in many mistakes. Maybe they have a nice person in Tim Couch (1999), but there are not many obstacles or talents around.

“My man sofa,” Joe Dailey wrote. “His ass kicked year after year. It’s embarrassing.”

Many fans wrote that it was not until this week that they began to seriously try to figure out how the Browns should choose the 26th overall pick. Linebacker? Defensive back? Recipient?

“Having the draft in Cleveland will give us the respect that the rest of the country deserves,” Bill Meyers wrote. “Non-sports fans will think our city and our team are a great franchise in a great city.”

This is true no matter where the Brown draft is.

In the end, Ted Rouge summed up the feelings of many Browns fans: “I hope to draft the 32nd (the last Super Bowl champion) in the next ten years at least two years!”

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