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The newly restored Muppet Christmas Carol delete scene is a big deal

You may not have time today between opening your presents and drinking some snacks to watch the Muppet Christmas Carol on Disney+. If you were a kid, you might have seen this song in theaters or on VHS. The song does not exist in the version currently being streamed. Some versions of the film previously included a section of “When Love Is Gone”, but was removed from other sequences at the request of former Disney executives, but fortunately for purists, puppet fans, and frank viewers In other words, the entire song will be restored in a new version of the Christmas Classic.

Director Brian Henson (Jim’s son) revealed the news in a new interview BBC On Radio 2, he revealed that both the video master and the original camera of the song are believed to have been lost for some time. However, in the miracle of Christmas, when the team prepared to make a remastered version for 4K, they were all discovered. Henson revealed that he was asked to check the new copy of the movie to make sure it looked good, and in his opinion, they had restored the sequence and put it back in the movie.


7;m really excited. They actually hid it… so I walked down and they said:’But before we show you, we have other things we want to show you,” Henson disclose. “Then they put the four scrolls of “A Christmas Carol” in “Love Is Gone.” I thought, “No, you didn’t! They said, “Yes, we did it!” We found it! “I’m so happy, I’m so happy.”

He continued: “They all installed the full version again. I don’t know if they will install it on Disney Plus in time before Christmas because they have completed all these processes, but the full version is back and the long version is back. Up.”

Hansen went on to explain that the reason the song was cut from the theatrical version was that executive producer Jeffrey Katzenberg (now known for Gibby’s implosion) thought the song was “in Emotionally sophisticated”, the children in the audience will not like it. The director “reluctantly agreed” and reached an agreement to put it back on the TV and home media version.

However, not every version of “Muppet Christmas Carol” includes “when love disappears.” VHS and Laserdisc replication do have this feature, but when it comes to DVD, the movie only displays the song in a full-screen version, and ultimately there is no DVD or Blu-ray in the main clip. You can find “when to lose love” in many of the bonus features of these releases, and you can even see it in the Extras tab of Disney+. It is not clear when the movie version containing the song can be purchased or streamed at the time of purchase or streaming. Movie mix In theory, it seems possible to be released in 2022, because that will be the 30th anniversary of the release of the film.

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