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The new Warzone sniper marking completely breaks the rules of the game

A new Warzone bug caused the frame rate of the title to drop so much that it almost ruined the entire game, which seems to be due to the use of some sort of scope on the sniper rifle.

At this point, the error in Warzone is not only surprising, but also worth looking forward to. It seems that every time an update is made, there will be a new bug that breaks the game, or an old one will look up.

Now, a new bug affecting the battle royale game seems to reduce the frame rate to an unplayable level. The vulnerability was first discovered by Reddit user eggybread_1. After he was equipped with a Tundra sniper rifle, his game frame rate suddenly dropped to an unplayable level.

This happened when he fell into Verdansk, and the bug even prevented him from opening the parachute, which meant he fell into the ground.

A new glitch, if you select Tundra in loading, the game will run at 1

fps. From CODWarzone

The cold war bullseye mask broke the war zone?

Interestingly, after the player crashed and entered a down state, they were able to change the level and fire an assault rifle, which is not normal.

Then, once the player in the video unequipped the Tundra and chose another level of game in the game, the frame rate would return to normal, which made the situation even more confusing and frustrating.

After further inspection by the community, it appears that the problem lies with the Bullseye optical mask, which can be installed on any Black Ops Cold War sniper rifle. This has been confirmed and replicated by other players, so this is a fairly common problem.

kinetic energy

The bullseye mask seems to cause frame rate issues in Warzone.

The Bullseye mask is part of the Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Battle Pass, in which players can unlock it on the 88th floor. The reticle has not caused problems until now, so these frame rate issues are a bit strange.

As of this writing, neither Raven nor Activision have commented on this error, so it is unknown how long it will take to resolve the issue.

It is not yet known whether this is related to a specific platform or whether everyone may be affected. Before that, players should be wary of using this marking.

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