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The new character of Genshin Impact surprised fans

Yuanzhen Shock It is officially revealed that a new person, Hu Tao, the 77th director of the Wang Sheng Fun Museum, is said to have walked a path between life and death, “shouldering responsibilities that most people do not want to shoulder.” The complete disclosure is not only a trailer for the character, but also some details about Hu Tao.

At the time of the release, in addition to the above, there was very little knowledge about Hu Tao. In other words, most people who have talked about Hu Tao left a negative impression and portrayed him as an untrustworthy person. In fact, a tweet on the game’s official Twitter account warned players to be extra careful around characters.

Now, not only the details of Walnut (which is walnut in Chinese) are scarce, but we don’t know when she will come to the competition. We know she will be coming soon, but we don’t know exactly how long it will take. In other words, although she has not joined the game yet, she is already cultivating followers, just like all the characters added to the game.

Yuanzhen Shock Can be used as a free game on PC, PS4 and mobile devices. The game can also be played on the PS5 through backward compatibility, but now this is the only way to play the game on the PS5. Developer miHoYo has confirmed that the game will be launched on PS5 and Nintendo Switch, but there is no news about when these versions will be released.

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