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The NBA’s torch was not brought from LeBron to Luca on Christmas, but King James almost painted Doric’s heirs

In the context of a normal basketball career, “King” LeBron James became the best player in the NBA and was actually Queen Elizabeth.

It was the time of Queen Elizabeth. The first rule was 44 years; the sovereignty of the second country was 68 years, and it is still increasing.

This is King James’ 18th NBA season. He is only five days away from his 36th birthday.But not like Netflix CrownCharles, the unmarried heir of Elizabeth II, was kept forever, and King James publicly supported him, and almost all anointed his most likely successor.

He is a 21

-year-old Dallas Mavericks member Luka Doncic (Luka Doncic). And on Friday night on Christmas Eve, when the Mavericks face the reigning NBA champion Lakers, ABC will show this is still a great king and a precocious prince.

The humble Don Cic denied any claims that he was the face of the NBA, but Friday’s prime-time billing was like that. Just like the Staples Center in Los Angeles, this is where Doncic entered the realm of King James. It is as symbolic as it is now. This will be James’ 15th Christmas game and Doric’s first Christmas game.

“To become a member of the league, there is still a long way to go,” Doncic protested, but at the same time added: “This is very special. We are playing championships, so it will be very special. I always wanted to be on Christmas. Festival.”

LeBron-Luka is both eye-catching and lyrical.But please don’t mistake Friday night for of Torch Relay. That will need to happen in due course.

As James showed when he led the Lakers to the championship last season, his game, mindset, and 6-9, 250-pound posture have great potential.

Last season’s title was won in the NBA’s Coronavirus-proven Orlando bubble two months ago. This was the Lakers’ first championship in a decade, and James won the first of three franchises. Four championship titles.

“The Lakers nations want their respect,” he said after the Lakers defeated Miami in the Finals. “And I want damn respect.”

Christmas message

FILE-Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77) was defeated by Lakers forward LeBron James (23) and guard Avery Blah during the second quarter game at American Airlines Center in Dallas on Friday, November 1, 2019 Deli (11) seems to have passed on defense.
FILE-Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77) was defeated by Lakers forward LeBron James (23) and guard Avery Blah during the second quarter game at American Airlines Center in Dallas on Friday, November 1, 2019 Deli (11) seems to have passed on defense.(Vernon Bryant/Photographer)

The championship game is the ultimate means of crowning NBA stars as the best of their time, but the league’s high-profile Christmas game has a history that heralds a new rule.

Chicago’s Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) started in 1986 as an annual Christmas star, but it was his 37-point effort against Detroit on Christmas 1990 that heralded the Bulls’ final finals in that season. Defeated the Pistons and won the first NBA championship after their dynasty.

Jordan’s successor to the NBA’s best player is Kobe. On Christmas Day 1999, the twenty-year-old Bryant made a dunk for San Antonio’s Jaren Jackson in the final moments of the Lakers’ defeat of the champion Spurs. A few months later, Los Angeles won three consecutive championships.

In 2009 and 2010, Kobe and James faced off for consecutive Christmases. James led Cleveland to victory in the first year, and then played in Miami the following Christmas with a 27-point triple-double, because the Heat defeated Los Angeles, which won twice.

The second year was the Mavericks’ first season and the only Christmas game so far. At that time, James and the Heat avenged the Finals a bit six months ago, losing to Dirk Nowitzki and Dallas.

Now, the Mavericks are back in the spotlight on Uli Ted, and they know exactly why.

“It’s very exciting,” Mavericks forward Maxi Kleiber said. “We know this is obviously due to Luka’s talent. This is a big stage, a huge opportunity, and we all look forward to it.”

Hug of the king

During James’s long reign, this included making the All-League team 16 times, the All-Defensive team 6 times and winning 4 MVP awards, and of course there are other possible successors who won the MVP and remain a dazzling star. In the galaxy of the NBA.

Kevin Durant (Kevin Durant). Stephen Curry. Russell Westbrook. James Harden. The two-time defending MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, who was 26 years older than Doncic by five years.

James King praised everyone to some extent, but none was consistent or enthusiastic than Doncic.

On November 1st last season, the Lakers won with 9 points at the American Airlines Center. James became the oldest player. He scored 30 points and 15 assists in a game. Doncic became the youngest player to record a triple-double with at least 30 points and 15 assists.

When James embraced Doncic after the final horn, the TV microphone caught James admiringly and said, “You are such a bad guy. [expletive]. “

Earlier this month, in an interview with Spectrum Sports Net, James quoted Doncic without prompting.

“Luka is one of my favorite players today, because the way I play the game is very simple, which is exactly how I like him to play the game. Team first. Let his guys participate. “If You challenge me to score and I will score. “”

James then revealed that when Doncic served as a shoe free agent for a short time last season, he wanted to sign Doncic to become his first “Team LeBron” Nike spokesperson.

Doncic eventually signed a contract with Jordan Brand, a Nike brand. But imagine his surprise and joy when James’ LeBron team comment is public.

“Obviously, I didn’t know before,” Tang Xiqi said. “When someone sent it to me, I saw it, and this is how I understand it. It’s just something special and I can’t explain it.”

How can Doncic fully express how his favorite player when he was growing up in Slovenia had such a high opinion of him?

Impressive start

File-Lakers forward LeBron James (23) was defended by Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77) during the first half of a game in Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 31, 2018.
File-Lakers forward LeBron James (23) was defended by Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77) during the first half of a game in Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 31, 2018.(Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press)

Two seasons ago, rookie Doncic was waiting for his autographed James jersey outside the Lakers locker room after facing James for the first time.

Today, Doncic is as widely and unabashedly mentioned as James, and this is undoubtedly because of his many early career milestones that led him to join James’ company.

The second youngest player (21 years old) ranked first in the league, second only to James (2006) and Max Zaslofsky (1947). Ranked second among the top five MVP votes, second only to James (2006).

Players have the second highest average score on their 21st birthday (24.2), second only to James’ 25.0.

Considering that Doncic’s career is booming, there is no doubt that Doncic and Antetokounmpo were selected as favorites of this season’s joint MVP in the NBA.com’s annual league general manager survey.

If Don Cic wins the award this season, he will replace Chicago’s Derrick Rose as the youngest champion. In order to do this, the Mavericks will need to improve on their seventh place in the Western Conference last season.

In the past 35 years, only Westbrook (2017), Steve Nash (2006) and Jordan (1988) have been rated as the most valuable player, and in a ball with a record less than second In the team.

“I think Luca is an amazing performer and he deserves to be mentioned in this conversation.” ESPN analyst Jalen Rose, an NBA veteran with 13 seasons, said.

“I think it will depend on [the Mavericks’] Record, if they can make it into the top three,” he added. “But in terms of technology, games and statistics, he is definitely worth participating in this conversation. “

Moderate entrance

The most impressive aspect of Doncic’s global popularity and acclaim is the organic way it happens.

No fancy campaigns. No exaggerated Doncic comments. In addition to passing every vision test, Doncic has no other luminous proofs from NBA coaches and stars. They are all more eye-catching and meaningful than King James.

“I think Luca is like a gift from the basketball god, because he is a purist,” Don Cic’s agent, Bill Duffy, founder of BDA Sports Management, told reporters news this week. He loves the game. He drove. “

Duffy is certainly not without prejudice, but as an important part of Doncic’s inner circle, his views are as bragging as Doncic’s views. These are more factual statements than boasting.

If in fact Doncic continued his development trajectory and eventually succeeded King James, who succeeded Kobe and succeeded Kobe and succeeded to the priest, it will be because he won a bonus.

Although there is no lack of recognition opportunities for Doncic, Duffy and Doncic’s European agent Quique Villalobos and everyone else at BDA have spent a lot of effort to make Doncic’s basketball board as clear as possible.

“This is the collective effort of everyone around him,” Duffy said. “He almost asked him to minimize distractions.

“He wants his performance to speak for him.”

Including Friday night: This is the first of many performances at Christmas. It may be destined to succeed against the king he has long admired.


More information about Luka Doncic

Above: Kristaps Porzingis (bottom left), Josh Richardson (top left), Luka Doncic (center) and James Johnson.
Lakers guard/forward LeBron James (23 years old) and Mavericks guard Luka Docic (77 years old) introduced players during the practice session of the 2020 NBA All-Star Game at Wintrust Arena in Chicago on Saturday, February 6. after that.  15th, 2020.
Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77 years old) faces referee Justin Van Duen in the first quarter of the game against the Minnesota Timberwolves at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on Thursday, December 17, 2020. (64 years old) did not openly express his dissatisfaction.
Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic (77) smiles at the American Airlines Center in Dallas during the first quarter of the NBA game between the Indiana Pacers and the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, March 8, 2020.

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