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The most suitable gifts for readers in 2020: Kindle, Fire tablet, iPad, etc.

This story is 2020 holiday gift guide, CNET’s gift selection, as well as expert advice, comments and suggestions on the latest technology gifts for you and your family.

Since we are trapped in the office most of the time and link from our home office to the Zoom meeting and browser screen, the best time to rest is to leave and read a book. Of course, e-books need their own screens, but some of our favorites use paper-like E Ink screens, which are easy on the eyes.

And, if you know that someone is still addicted to dead tree books, then I also provide them with suggestions (see the content at the bottom of this list).

An important note: Never pay full price for Amazon devices, as they will frequently receive heavy discounts throughout the year. We have included prime time prices in the relevant places below-we hope they will return by Thanksgiving or Black Friday at the latest.

Sarah Tu/CNET

Yes, Amazon’s high-end Kindle is too expensive-but that’s what makes it a great gift. This is an extraordinary upgrade to the standard Paperwhite reading. I upgraded during Prime Day last year and was shocked by Oasis’ improvement in book readability and responsiveness. In addition, physical page turning buttons are much better than sliding buttons. Amazon has made a lot of transactions on this, and beware of the discount dividends of the old Kindle, and get it at a reasonable price.

Please note that Oasis fell to $175 during prime time in October, So this is the price to beat for Black Friday shopping. Read our Amazon Kindle Oasis (2019) review.

Sarah Tu/CNET

In the past few years, it has not changed much, but the latest Paperwhite is waterproof and has more car storage space. I think this is the default Kindle to consider. The backlight is very good; the size and weight also make it highly portable.

On Golden Day, Paperwhite bottomed out and rebounded to $80 -That is a selling price worth reducing. Read our Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018) review.

Sarah Tu/CNET

I don’t know how to sugar. This basic Kindle is nowhere near Paperwhite or Oasis. But this is also a good impulse purchase price gift for casual readers or those who are new to e-books. The latest version adds built-in lights to make it more practical.

Entry-level Kindle reaches $60 on Prime Day -This is the execution price of the bargainer. Read our Amazon Kindle (2019) review.

Sarah Tu/CNET

Amazon makes several different versions of the Fire tablet. Basically, this is the only low-cost small tablet I recommend. Fire tablets (including the slightly higher-end 8-inch version) are suitable for video streaming and some basic games, but they can also be used as excellent e-book readers, and the color touch screen makes them particularly suitable for digital novels.

The product retails for US$110, but it is regularly discounted to between US$80 and US$90.

Read our Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus review.

Óscar Gutiérrez/ CNET

The most suitable iPad for e-books is the iPad Mini. The 8-inch screen and lightweight size are perfect (even smaller than a book), in addition to reading, you can also use the iPad to accomplish all other great things-from games to movies to apps. Again, this is not an E Ink display, but an excellent high-resolution LCD, now with Apple’s True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the white balance.

Please pay attention to two important warnings of this product: Its price is usually as low as $350, and the eighth-generation full-size iPad in 2020 has almost the same specifications, but the price is lower (It is now $300, Black Friday may be lower). You need to pay extra for small size and better screens. read more.

And Ackerman/CNET

Over the years, I have tried many book lights and this is my best choice. It is bright, rechargeable, has a very strong clip and a long neck. It can also stand independently using a clip as a base. It is very popular around my house and my wife keeps stealing it, so I am going to order a second one for myself.

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