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The Middle East Peace Agreement may be Trump’s mission: Goodwin

Donald Trump’s legacy, like the man himself, will be complicated, but the only certainty is that he will achieve a record that conventional wisdom cannot. His amazing record in the 2016 general election is the best example, while directing the development and approval of the COVID-19 vaccine in just 9 months is another example.

The Abraham Agreement is the third amazing achievement. When Trump took office, only two Arab countries (Egypt and Jordan) had a treaty with Israel. This situation has not changed since 1994. There are now six regional countries that have diplomatic relations with Jewish countries.

Jared Kushner joked: “We make it look easy.”

; His persistent and determined diplomacy helped achieve a historic breakthrough.

Of course, adding the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan to the list that recognizes Israel’s right to existence and open trade and tourism routes is no easy task. This will bring economic impetus to all participants. If it were easy, these transactions could have been signed at any time in the past 75 years.

They signed with Trump at the White House (with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Bahrain Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulatif Zayeni and UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah bin Zayed Nana Signed by Young) is a direct result of his policy. The most important of these is his position on two basic issues: he will bring the United States closer to Israel and treat Iran as a dangerous untouchable.

Both positions represent a reversal of the policies of the Obama-Biden administration. The Obama administration once regarded Israel as a problem and Iran as an opportunity. The result was eight years of uninterrupted failure-negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians were frozen, and a bold Iran actively spreading chaos and terror.

On the other hand, Trump “disregarded what happened before and drove people out of their comfort zone,” Kushner said in an interview. “We are actively trading and he gives us a lot of leeway.”

The “comfort zone” facing Trump includes decades of wisdom from the US State Department and foreign ministries around the world. They insist that progress will be made after the United States promotes reconciliation between Israel and Palestine, which may eventually lead to a gradual warming of relations between Israel and Arab countries.

Traditional views also believe that the Iran nuclear deal designed by Obama will tame the dominance of the crazy Mullahs.

All these assumptions are wrong.

President Trump and Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Khalifa, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Za Yed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan signed the Abraham Agreement.
From left: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Donald Trump, Bahrain Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulatif Zayeni and UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah bin Zayed Na Nayan
Environmental Protection Agency/JIM LO SCALZO

The US ambassador to Israel Trump, Kushner, David Friedman – and others have taken another approach. They believe that embracing Israel and isolating Iran by withdrawing from the nuclear agreement and imposing sanctions will reshape the region. They are right.

The first test was the decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 2017. This did not cause widespread Arab riots, only minor complaints. Similarly, admitting that Israel had annexed the Golan Heights did not cause an explosion.

As Kushner said, this kind of “integration with Israel” and dealing with Iran is a rally call for Arab countries, tired of Palestinian rejection and fear of Iran’s military intentions. They increasingly see Israel and its powerful military as an ally against Iran.

Kushner said: “Everyone who flies between Israel and any of these countries will become the ambassador of the Abraham Agreement.” “It just shows that all the old ideas about possible have passed.”

An American who participated in this process pointed out that things that happened only a few months ago are unimaginable. For example, the Jewish restaurant opened in Dubai and the Israelis who visited by Arabs asked to take pictures together. These things happened so quickly, and Often not newsworthy.

Although this is not the lion with the lamb, there are still opportunities to expand the alliance. Saudi Arabia has increased its informal relations with Israel, and the crown prince recently met with Netanyahu.

The Palestinians who foolishly cursed Trump and refused to negotiate with Kushner said that since the election, they will resume dialogue with Israel and Washington. As always, I hope that they will exaggerate and reject all proposals that might enable their citizens to live a better life.

When asked what he thinks Biden will do, Kushner has served as Trump’s female son and special adviser and has gone through several hard work.

He said: “I hope people can take a moment to see that what we have been doing is based on logic.” He added that he wants to see “the next government follow this path.”

It is wise and wise to treat these agreements as gifts. Instead, Biden has stated that he hopes to rejoin the Iran agreement, which will weaken the new alliance and make people nervous about Iran’s aggression. He also planned to resume payments to Palestinians, which Trump terminated because the money was used to pay “salaries” to families of terrorists who killed Israelis.

In addition, many of Biden’s fellow Democrats are openly hostile to Israel, especially Israel under Natanyahu. Some of them, including Representative I-lan Omar (Minnesota), Often use anti-Semitic metaphors.

All this shows that Biden’s backward thinking endangers the historical stability and regional economic growth opportunities created by Trump. What a waste, what a tragic waste.

False silence

Mayors, governors, city councils and state legislatures are riding the hobby of social justice and “underworld problems”. So why are they silent about the murder of more and more black New Yorkers?

As of December 20, NYPD reported that by 2020, 437 people were murdered, compared with 314 in the same period last year, an increase of 39%. This means that there will be another 123 victims. If the development follows the past, the vast majority of the dead are black or Latino, perhaps as many as 95%.

In total, more than 1,800 people were shot dead in the city, an increase of nearly 1,000 victims from last year. The police report said that in the past few years, almost all people who were shot were black and Latino, as well as shooters.

Where is the anger?

Dem Hunter hunting?Yes yes

File this file under Fat Chance.

Jeffrey Tew, a reader of Miami Attorneys, supports the special counsel for Hunter Biden’s detection work. He wrote: “The Democrats want us to believe that if the evidence is worthy of prosecution, the attorney general appointed by Joe Biden will sue his son Hunter or brother Jim. We should believe that it will become The new stock company of the Lifetime Democratic Party will be the first in American history to be allowed to prosecute and appoint members of his presidential family.

“Even if necessary, it is difficult for a special counsel to initiate a lawsuit, but at least it is possible to get a fair result.”

Title: “Girl Scouts rebuke Boy Scouts in the escalating recruitment war.”

No, there is nothing sacred in 2020.

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