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The manufacturer produced a working Batman grappling gun in just one year

If you have ever watched a Batman movie or played Just cause, You may have thought “Wow, using grappling hooks will be fun.” YouTuber Built IRL (named JT) also thinks so-he has been working hard to achieve this goal for the past year. The end result is a grappling hook gun, its function is very similar to the hooks we have seen in movies and games.

As you can see in the video above, this new grab gun is more impressive than many previous attempts. On the one hand, it is fully equipped-the entire device can be leaned against his arm, including a CO2 driven sandblasting mechanism, which uses a standard cartridge to shoot the hook, very much The powerful 1

0,000W electric motor is fast enough to pull him completely into the air. (He showed some historical attempts to build this gadget, and it certainly looks like his fist will win this fierce gun battle.)

Unlike some other DIY grappling hooks, JT’s equipment can also give him a new lease of life. He can control direction and speed with the steering wheel close to his thumb.

Screen shot of JT holding the grapple device

For equipment that can tow people at this speed, the volume is small.
Photo: Built-in IRL

You can also see some of the limitations of the grab gun in the real world, because Batman is a fictional work, so he has never dealt with it. The device may be difficult to control-partly because JT tried to use his thumb while also supporting his full weight with one hand. In most cases, he uses a seat belt fixed to the seat belt, so the impact of being yanked into the air can be spread over his entire body without being dragged by one arm. (Just thinking about this will hurt my shoulder.)

Facts have also proved that it is not as easy as it seems to wrap a hook around something to be crawled. Overwatch Either Titanfall 2. This is especially true when it is launched from something attached to the arm.

Despite its flaws, the device can still work shockingly for such a small thing, and it’s great to see such a project. He is still working on the “Spider-Man” network shooting game, and his success with the grappling hook made me think he might actually shoot.

If you want to see the origin of the project, you can check out the JT video produced by Hacksmith Industries in November 2019. If you want to see the entire build process, you can also view a video playlist detailing the evolution of the project.

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