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The main revelations of Wednesday’s developments in the Congressional Riot Investigation

Nearly twelve new defendants have been arrested or prosecuted nationwide. The US Department of Justice has made it clear that it will continue to pursue major cases that may constitute the most extensive anti-terrorism investigation since September 11, 2001.

The new arrests on Wednesday brought the total number of new federal criminal cases to at least 32 by the evening, and hundreds of people are still seeking or investigating.

In the past week, investigators have found the most famous faces in the riots. On Wednesday, a federal court filed a public prosecution against two police officers from rural Virginia. They shared a photo of themselves in front of a statue of a Revolutionary War general in the Capitol on social media.

Major arrests since the Congressional riots so far
According to federal court records released on Wednesday, swimmer Klete Keller, who won Olympic gold medals in 2004 and 2008, can identify part of the cause of the commotion in the video because of his US team jacket. He was also accused of participating in a violent invasion.
On January 6, another notorious mob was arrested on Wednesday in Newport News, Virginia, wearing a “Auschwitz camp” sweatshirt at Robert Keith Packer.

Many people who have been accused recently have attracted people’s attention by placing photos that have been posted on the Internet or identified (or identified themselves) on social media. Some even admitted that they were involved in the FBI melee.

New cases continue to emerge mainly against people arrested in photos or videos.

Law enforcement officials say the evidence suggests there is a plan

In the next few weeks, attention may shift to more serious prosecution cases.

Federal law enforcement officials said that the evidence found so far, including weapons and tactics seen in surveillance video, showed a certain level of planning, which led investigators to believe that the attack was not just a protest out of control.
Investigators are seeking signs of riots in the U.S. Capitol

This prompted more complex investigations, during which public integrity and national security prosecutors came together to conduct investigations like large-scale investigations of terrorism.

The presence of corrupt prosecutors and agents is partly due to their expertise in financial investigations. The official said: “We are chasing this money.”

By Wednesday morning, the FBI reported that it had received more than 126,000 digital alerts from the public about the attack on the Capitol and was tracking online chats.

Two law enforcement officials said that some of the tips received by the FBI appeared to show members of Congress some people who later appeared in the Capitol riots. Officials said that this does not mean that members of Congress and staff are under investigation, but the FBI is checking the authenticity of the claims.

Court documents reveal terrible details of the threat

Last week, several cases clarified the degree of danger around the Capitol. In particular, it is said that two defendants, Cleveland Meredith Jr. and Lonnie Coffman, brought the arsenal to the city and were interested in joining the so-called war.

Koffman received one of the first indictments from a grand jury related to the riots and is currently facing 17 criminal charges, mainly because he possesses a variety of weapons, including ammunition, shotguns, and various guns, including A bullet gun, rifle, three pistols and 11 Molotov indictments allege that the cocktail was unregistered in Washington, DC on January 6.

Allegedly, before Trump’s rally, after living in a truck in Washington, DC for about a week, he parked the truck on a truck full of bomb blocks from the Capitol. In court documents about Coffman, prosecutors discovered that they had found a handwritten note with Abraham Lincoln’s words about the overthrow of “the constitutional subverter”, the phone numbers of right-wing figures, including reference Councillors Ted Cruz and Sean Hannity, and a list with federal labels. Judge a “bad guy” and a member of Parliament who is a Muslim. He pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial in jail.

Allegedly, Meredith had threatened in a text message and carried out 2,500 rounds of ammunition, an assault rifle and another gun with him in the city.

After the pro-Trump rally, he arrived in Washington, DC, and reportedly happily texted him to shoot and kill Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He wrote an article about “war moments” approaching the legislator as Biden’s congressional confirmation as the president-elect, prosecutors said, according to court documents Wednesday.

Cleveland Meredith

The prosecutor pointed out that “the defendant sent a text message saying, “We will encircle the District of Columbia and gradually shrink”. “Obviously, under the impression that the law enforcement agency was monitoring his letter, the defendant later sent a text message, saying: “I am harmless… until the SIR is issued! “

The prosecutor added that once Meredith entered the city, he was hit with his finger and beat a person.

“His threats are graphical-he threatened to shoot a public official on live TV and shoot a bullet over her head. His threats were vulgar and misogynistic behavior. In addition, the defendant was obviously very violent in imagining violence. Glad, he described it. As “fun” and “target exercise,” they wrote in his detention memo.

The U.S. Department of Justice wants to keep people away from the streets…

At least some people have been arrested as part of the strategy used in counter-terrorism investigations-even to find the minimum allegations to take a person of concern off the street. Officials believe that this may help alleviate concerns about possible attacks on the inauguration ceremony.

Last week, before Trump supported the rally in Washington, the authorities had tried once, when they arrested the leader of the right-wing group, the proud boy Henry Enrique Tario (Andrew Boys), because they burned the “black life”. Question” banner.

The law enforcement agency subsequently said that they found two large-capacity gun magazines on him, which led to additional charges. This week, federal authorities in New York City arrested a man on weapon charges after investigators tracked online posts about an armed caravan heading to the U.S. Capitol.

But its strategy may have limitations

When the Department of Justice tries to lock certain people up, the Department of Justice may violate the potential restrictions of the law-Meredith is their first challenge.

This possibility emerged on Wednesday when the judge postponed his request for detention.

Meredith’s lawyer argued that it was not enough to imprison him on the basis of legal “danger”.

Meredith’s lawyer wrote in court documents on Wednesday afternoon: “Congress limits the government’s ability to demand detention.” He invoked the restrictions of the Bail Reform Act. The defendants must be detained because they escaped flying. The danger, potential hindrance or being charged with the following crimes: violence, drug crimes or crimes that may be sentenced to life imprisonment or death penalty.

Meredith’s lawyer argued that he should be released while awaiting trial.

Meredith has not yet been prosecuted and was criminally prosecuted last week for allegedly possessing a weapon illegally and posing a threat.

He is still in custody and will appear again with Judge Michael Harvey in Washington, DC on Thursday to discuss whether he should continue to be detained.

CNN’s Marshall Cohen contributed to this report.

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