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The love letter from Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola to New York in “To the Rock”

OneSofia Coppola is getting old and her protagonists are getting old too, which makes it easy for people to see them and their plight, reflecting the desire and anxiety that currently plague the director. This is correct again On the stone, A 39-year-old writer struggling in the long shadows caused by insecurity, suspicion of her husband, and her older father, Coppola Translation lost The vitality of the headlines Bill Murray is higher than it was a few years ago. It premiered online at the New York Film Festival and then screened in cinemas (October 2) and Apple TV+ (October 23). This is another highly personal attempt, even if it is not as solid as her best work. Worth seeing, but still good, a bubble portrait of a woman in a midlife crisis.

Laura (Laashida Jones) is a Manhattan native. In order to devote her time and energy to her two daughters, she put her writing career on the final mark. Although Dean has repeatedly encouraged her to invest in a book project that is still in its infancy, Laura has little incentive to do so, because she spent a lot of time picking up stray clothes and toys from the floor, bringing her blood to School, where she had to endure this kind of relationship-Vanessa (Jenny Slate)̵

7;s dramatic film, and did the typical chores of a full-time mother. Laura stayed away from happy young brides who jumped into the swimming pool on their wedding night wearing only underwear and veils (as we saw in the short and sweet prologue), and now she has become a wandering Woman, looking for her apparently lost sense of self is on the journey to family.

Coppola conveyed this troubled state with simple gestures, and then when Dean returned home from many of his work trips, Laura’s dissatisfaction, kissed her, and then suddenly realized that she was doing it. Go out with his wife. Given that Dean worked closely with his young colleague Fiona (Jessica Henwick), this incident immediately raised suspicions of infidelity. Friends sneered, but there was a serious mistake, and Laura also sought the advice of her single father, Felix (Murray). Felix is ​​a former art museum owner who is accustomed to infidelity. He immediately told her: “You need to think like a man.” After finding a lady’s cosmetic bag (containing organic oil) in Dean’s suitcase, She met Felix for lunch. Felix is ​​constantly flirting with former ballerinas and waitresses, and is snarled by the ancient relationship between the opinions of men and the ideal female form. It is obvious that he will begin to study the dark behavior of female sons.

From the very beginning, Murray is attractive. It provides the shock of live broadcast in the program, you can almost feel it On the stone Live at his first entrance. Well-dressed, sociable, and with Don Juan’s unwavering confidence, he is always sure that he is the coolest guy in the room. From praising Laura to planning spy games, Murray turned to staring at every woman nearby with such an easy-going charisma, it was hard not to get caught up in his investigation plan. Laura also found that her self-assurance was irresistible, even though her relationship was full of bitterness, because she had received advice about her cheating spouse from her father who left her father and mother to chase the tail many years ago.

Murray’s understatement of improvisation against Coppola’s own outstanding father Francis is hard to ignore, but his star has never been impressive. His Felix is ​​full of contradictions, full of love and selfishness, fascinating and offensive, loyalty and distrust, all shrouded in the swagger and style of the old New York school. As they try to explore Dean’s life escalation-a dying red sports car chasing a car in New York, this fact highlights Murray’s joy. Jones is such a pity On the stone Quite the center of attention of milquetoast. Considering the relationship between their roles, the actress seemed to be hooked on her co-star right away and was completely blinded by her starring, which is very appropriate. But this did not change the fact that, as Jones demonstrated, Laura behaved mildly and flatly.

As they try to explore Dean’s life escalation-a dying red sports car chasing a car in New York, this fact highlights Murray’s joy.

Longing desire for On the stone, Because it broke Felix’s first marriage and now threatens to put Laura in a dilemma of mistrust. Laura’s self-seeking tasks are also critical. This is because she is worried that she will end up and form a family with two timers like her father. This is both adoration and resentment to her. Coppola delves into the confused thoughts and feelings of married middle-aged people. When you are not sure whether you are still attracted by your partner, you cannot even be sure whether they are interested in you, and your personality feels challenged by controlling your parents And the role of spouse. Even better, she can do it with a light touch, even if her characters face the unpleasant reality of herself and each other, she can keep her movements agile.

On the stone Once again confirmed Coppola’s skills in evoking the inner life of self-defining women struggling. However, the goal of this movie is to become a romantic lark full of mania and mania, with a creepy mood and a sense of psychological heaviness. There was a tremor in the middle, neither weight to produce a real pungent impact, nor enough fussy to cause regular laughter, especially when Murray was not around and the focus turned to the usually convincing Waynes. Balanced and beautiful, its delightful sincerity is in trouble, thereby eliminating its absurdity and sadness. Although late, the weird trip to Mexico seems to herald some real absurdity, but the result is roughly the same: gentle sweetness and fun, only gentle eloquence is the reward.

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