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The latest Epic Store free game allows you to build a new life on the farm

The Epic Games Store continues its 15-day free game promotion, and today’s event is obviously mild. Joining the ranks of free PC games is an agricultural game about building a new life after the end.

In the next 24 hours, a certain Epic Games store pops up and you can get “My Time in Portia” for free. From now to December 27th, the relaxing game will be offered in standard time, which is 8:00 PEST / EST 11:00 / GMT 16:00 Pacific Standard Time. As the core of your farming simulation game, my time in Portia not only involves farming, but also enhances friendship and explores the history of this famous town, while trying to make my father’s old workshop the number one business.

Although the behavior is pleasant, you still need to get your hands dirty in many ways. If you need all the best loot and equipment, you will need some dungeon crawls, as well as some fighting skills for the boss. At least as far as developer Pathea Games is concerned, staying in Portia is not pure relaxation.

This is the release trailer-as you can see, at the customization level, there are more shadows besides The Sims:

With the advent of 2019, “My Time in Potya” is one of the most modern games included in Epic’s ongoing promotions. It is worth reviewing tomorrow to see if there is another recent hot product that has received a 100% reduction.

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