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The joke contestant flipped the script on “American Idol”

Yursibel and Anthony Guzman somehow stood out from the

Yursibel and Anthony Guzman somehow stood out from the “American Idol.”
; (Photo: ABC)

Joke players have always been a tradition in auditioning American idol She has become a TV star in one fell swoop since she didn’t even have William Hung, so when two happy pranks appeared on Sunday-one Viking dressed in rough, the other wearing rope chains and blinds, claiming It’s the next bad bunny, Daddy Yankee, or the sloppy “Latin Cookie Monster”-there really is no more shocking place.

what used to be Shockingly, both contestants actually received Hollywood gold tickets. And, while one of the auditioners may not only be a novel performance, and has a reputation for more than 15 minutes, the other (consistent) is completely confusing. Katy Perry warned her jurors: “I will regret it, everyone will regret it.” idol, Because this controversial decision may have made a memorable singer stand out from a serious intention.

The first to participate in the competition was 27-year-old Thor actor Anthony Guzman, whose entrance to the audition room had no hinges and wielded a sledgehammer.Skolllllllll! ” with brave HeartWar-like battles, to be honest, after the Capitol riots last month (which spawned a disturbing viral photo similarly thrown at protesters), the optical performance of optical components also declined. But all this is bait, because when Anthony opened his mouth, he… Sing “Crying River” from “Great American Songs”??? And not bad??? “That’s a curveball,” Judge Luke Bryan quipped. Katie mused: “Never judge a book by its cover.” I really want to know if Anthony hasn’t abandon them for his antics and set lower expectations (in this case, Anthony is a talented strategist ), so would the two judges who passed Anthony be so enthusiastic? But Lionel told him: “You can sing seriously; now I need you to take yourself seriously.” Therefore, Anthony probably shouldn’t bring Viking clothes when he goes to Hollywood-unless he has a backup plan to charge tourists on Hollywood Boulevard The cost of taking a photo with him. idol Unable to resolve.

Yurisbel is a 25-year-old Polynesian restaurant emcee who speaks to himself “walking beef patties” (because he “has many flavors”) Miami, Florida, a party town in the United States. ” American idol It is indeed necessary to choose Snickers as a sponsor, because when Yurisbel hit the field during the downturn in the afternoon and fell into weakness, Luke and Lionel were obviously not themselves.

Yurisbel is indeed a fireball, as he promised on the cover of “Pitbull”, I believe he will indulge in his tiki bar in Miami while indulging in a few hot pot-sized cocktails. (Or fireball shooting).But, just like Yurisbel’s comic relief is welcomed, his voice is simply Is not In this already very competitive season, the season is the nose. Katie refused, and he said: “I don’t know if anyone will trust me again if I agree!” But obviously, Luke and Lionel, both of Yuris Bell’s not-so trustworthy party boys, felt the resonance. , So Yuris Bell will go to Hollywood. This decision is confusing. Why didn’t they wear it through last week’s German Speedo model Mario Adrion or Keytar Boy? Lionel just explained: “The kids must have some fun.”

One kid I really supported was Ace Stiles, and on the night Anthony and Yurisbel got the passes, his refusal further confused me. The 16-year-old transgender boy shared with his supportive mother his sweet and quirky Joanna Newsom (Joanna Newsom) and perfume genius (Katy calls it “vintage-y”), which is actually the original song ” Addicted” (Addicted) and heroic background story. By his side.

Katy told Ace: “I think you have something worth investing in.” Of course, after the entire screening time, the audience must have made an emotional investment in Ace- before The judges threw their own curve balls and somehow sent him home. “I like myself, there will be no other choice, because I think I am cool,” Ace shrugged. I hope the judge thinks so too. This cool kid is worth a try. It’s heartbreaking to see his dream shattered, just like Anthony’s sledgehammer.

Ace Stiles inexplicably rejected

Ace Stiles inexplicably rejected “American Idol”. (Photo: ABC)

That being said, Ace will be sad in Hollywood Week, as will Anthony and Yuris Bell, because Sunday’s episode is as full of talent as last week’s premiere. These are the other successful auditions that night:

Amanda Mena (Amanda Mena), 18: “Sleeping Gold”

Sunday’s plot was left in the cold with this “one of the kind” belt—no fanfare, no painful story, just Clean up. The judges seemed to be confused by her outstanding talents, even without consulting each other, she was immediately unanimous. (“We’re already no way Do this,” Lionel points out.) She exudes cuteness and X-factor, and I love the intimacy of her performance. Having said that, I hope the audience will learn more about Amanda during Hollywood Week.

16-year-old Liahona Olayan and 17-year-old Ammon Olayan: “Listen to my heart”

The performance of this lovely Hawaiian brother and sister played a loud call in response to the original, and Ammon was pleasant enough, and Liahona, who also played the piano, was the real star of this performance. The uncooked Ammon’s voice was a little timid, while Liahona was an irritating firecracker, shaking Sara Bareilles / Alessia Cara. She just shines. “It’s so fresh.” Lionel grinned. “I like its advantages. Liahona, you have a voice… ready to broadcast.” Luke said. Katy called Liahona “very talented and an incredible songwriter, and she should sign now.” Both Olayan brothers and sisters won gold tickets, but I Suspect Liahona will play solo soon.

Hannah Everhart, 17: “The Wandering Stranger” / “The Last”

This burly little Mississippi girl, with the face of Katy Perry, the attitude of the villain Kristen Stewart and “no filtering conditions”, seems superhumanly confident until She actually sang. I don’t think Hannah knows how good she is. Obviously, the judges saw this potential and had already admired her, so they let her accept it, but I hope she will not be overwhelmed in Hollywood. Katie suggested to her: “You better start rolling the dice and start your life,” Lionel assured her, “You are sitting on the gold mine.”

Calvin Upshaw, 26: “Fall in Love”

Calvin is a former imprisoned single father who is looking for a “new beginning” and the producer sets him up as a perfect redemption storyline. On the contrary, it shows that he was so weep before He sang a note. It soon became clear why he got that ticket. This primitive talent makes his Calvin Richardson ballads full of emotion and gospel talent. “That sound crack is not a sound crack, it is feel crack. “Lionel said. “You are ready,” Katie said. It’s ugly, because Calvin is really a cruel man, but as Luke said, “It’s impossible to see one People go through that and don’t give them love. “I cheer for this guy.

Casey Bishop, 15 years old: “Live Wire / “My Funny Valentine”

This rock girl who loves Elysium attracted my attention by covering an early Motley Crue song from the metal band’s 1981 debut album. So in love.That must be idol First! She put a blues on it, very Alannah Myles, but I am not sure that this alone is not enough to impress the judges, because the judges asked her to sing a more classic vintage. After paying tribute to Sarah Vaughan, Lionel said: “I hope you enjoy rock and roll, but you want to sing like that!” No! I want more Crewe! But I think this girl can almost sing. Luke said that since Alejandro Aranda (Alejandro Aranda), he has not been affected by the audition, and even declared: “I think she is the damned winner. American idol. “

Chayce Beckham, 24: “Things that bring life also kill people”

This is another major salvation story that night. After a difficult year, the Apple Valley forklift operator moved back home with his parents. idol Give him the motivation to move forward. His creepy, rough-textured voice on the covers of Kolton Moore and Clever Few made Luke immediately applaud (“Your first note has me”), Kay Katy told Chayce, “You sound like the heart of the United States” and predicted that he will be in the top five.

Cassandra Coleman (Cassandra Coleman), 24: “The Way of the Past” / “Apologize”

It’s hard to believe that this “fearful” Cassandra has never performed in public before, because her “Hitman” and “A Republic” cover both perfect. She has a charming and unique tremolo, skilled vocal control, makes the nerves serve her, and tells the story of the two songs with trembling emotions. Cassandra is an excellent storyteller, and she is one of my new favorites. Lionel said: “That will be an angelic angel.” Luke called her voice “God-given bluntness” and told her: “You are something the world has never heard. New voice.” Apparently, Cassandra was born for this.

Willie Spence, 21 years old: “Diamond”

After experiencing a health panic, he took control of his life and lost 180 pounds. Willie is ready to realize his dream, one dream is to win a Grammy Award. “There is no doubt that Grammys are achievable. …you are such an incredible special person. My God, I don’t want it to end.” Luke is hearing Willy’s sublime Rihanna (Rihanna) Said after covering up. Willie has a pure voice (the kind of voice Katy used to “stop people from moving”) and a pure heart, and I think he is also Grammy material. Lionel said: “I can’t tell you how excited I am to let you join this show.”

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