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The history of the SAG Award is the winner of the Top Film Award for Color Scan

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Horoscope this week: April 4, 2021

In the week before the new moon in Aries, there are many things to do and there is not much time to complete all the work the way we want. Thankfully, Mercury left Pisces and moved to Aries to remind us that it is always a good time to practice saying “no”-especially in the long run, “no” will be better than the short-term favor we get from saying “yes.”

; “In fact, when the planets start to accumulate in Aries, frank, direct and active is the name of the game. Moreover, Jupiter is a flowing aspect for Aries ruler Mars and it is a good thing. We can look forward to some. Make smart decisions, and then have a lot of luck. It’s important to realize that although these effects are largely positive, they have a relationship with Pluto, which continues to align the sun and will be on the day of the new moon It forms a perfect square with Venus in Aries. We know that Pluto in Cap constellation evokes the shadows that make up the structures and systems of our lives, and in the United States, the shadows are in our cancerous system and our capitalist health care methods. Very obvious. Venus in Aries is straightforward and bold. Venus in Aries wants to protect what he likes at all costs. The tension between these two signals is a powerful trial. Whether you have heard about masculinity, patriarchy, war About the gods, please remember: Aries is a sign of fighting for life and celebrating. Aries wants a new way of living and rejects any structure that only serves the past. Aries sun and Aries rising. If you will, Aries new moon The previous week was an auspicious one for you. You and anyone know that even good information cannot be imposed on rams that are not ready to receive them. But if you are ready, If you are willing, then good things are coming. How do you know that you are willing to accept new opportunities and how to show that you are ready? Pay special attention to the agreements reached this week and the way you use language; not just with others, but also Have yourself. Your words are a spell, so when you say life to yourself, life is the life you call. The more precious your words are to you, the more meaningful your interactions will be, and the more you will get from these interactions Deep insights. Think of it as a positive subject: build the world you want, talk about it. Go to the city to prove the life you live and the possibilities of future life. This week, you will find everything stored in it All items have a clear purpose. You can share content that is meaningful to you in a variety of ways with the world around you. Taurus relieves the pressure of finding the “right time”. Every step you take to share the wealth of the inner world with the outside world -Whether through public work or through rituals, creative channels or guidance, you can find opportunities that are consistent with the idea of ​​”timing” rather than “timing”. Obey it. In the parallel universe, everything has happened and has been happening, This is always the right time to catch up. Stefhany Lozano’s illustration Gemini Sun and Gemini Rising. The dotted lines feel like they are out of your value system. Even working for yourself also offers There are countless opportunities to put others first. Freelancers know the pain of saying “yes” to too many things today, so as not to have enough to drink tomorrow. Although these negotiations are successful An important part of people in the public domain, but they don’t have to define your experience. In fact, this month you are likely to find that you have fantasies about your job and are motivated to figure out what you want to do with your own will. Stefhany Lozano’s illustration Cancer and the rise of cancer We talked a lot about the story of generational wealth, how it brings wealth to people and takes a place in their lives, but we rarely pay attention to the ways in which intergenerational debt can make people shrink. Moreover, although it is clearest to talk about debt in a very real monetary sense, the types of debt that a person can bear are much broader than the numbers on the bank statement. Our wealth is directly related to how we conceive our limits, that is, what we can get, what we are capable of, and what we are willing to take risks and suffer losses for freedom. This week, you can expect to have some clarity about the debts you have been owing and the old debts you are ready to pay. You must maintain this clarity when reassessing your public role. This clarity will help you figure out how to fulfill the shadows without leaving them at a loss. Stefhany Lozano’s illustrations Leo Sun and Leo Rising Whenever you have the ability to learn more, you can also teach. Think of it this way: relationships never flow in one direction. If you find yourself redefining your boundaries not only for the actions of others but also based on your own impulses, you are pushing people around you to respect what makes you “you”, and you need to respect what makes them your own. Definition is a kind of enjoyment, isn’t it? Almost as happy as losing yourself. Staying on the coast, where the water and sand mix together is a paradise. However, when the current is pulled high, standing on a damp shelf becomes untenable-it is simply rough. Knowing the function of water is a good thing, and knowing the true texture and temperature of the sand is a good thing. Before looking for someone else’s role, it’s best to understand your own role in your life. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano The Sun in Virgo and the Rising Star in Virgo I know you are tired, dear Virgo. I am also very tired, just look at your schedule. It’s okay to be tired. You can admit that you are a bit exhausted, and, as usual, feel that you might get a bigger return for your continued energy and…all the expenses you spend on your finances. The truth is that your efforts are far from dropping a bucket, or if they fall into a bucket, then they are a very valuable drop from a very valuable bucket. The services you provide to community members will enrich the community and you. You are learning and contributing from a place full of power and eager to learn more. These learning opportunities are not only the key to turning your relationship into wealth, but they can also help you reach a consensus in ways that everything must change in order to connect with the rapidly changing world, including you. Stefhany Lozano’s illustration may sound counterintuitive, but the truth is that the more time you reserve for yourself, the more likely you are to spend quality time with others. Of course, to some extent, you already know this, but if you don’t try to share joy with others, it’s difficult to prioritize things that bring you joy. You like to share, and you like to spread joy. The joy of collaboration is good, even great, but setting aside some solo time to tune into the inner child and create something that seems to be brain garbage on the surface is a crucial Libra mode of operation. The more you write yourself into your schedule, the more you will be aware of the fluctuations in your state of existence: what motivates you, what challenges you, and what makes you bored. In turn, you will have a better understanding of how your relationships affect you and shape yourself. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Rising When most people talk about their relationship with relatives, they are talking about a story. There is a narrative narrative in the story, who the people are and with whom they intend to establish a relationship. Stories are always written, but as long as they are written by one person, they cannot be changed. Obviously, in the hands of another character, the perspective will change and the plot will become thicker. We know this, but it is difficult to live by what we know, and when people no longer treat us as they did before, they will not be harmed. What is unforgettable is that in daily appointments and errands, pets and work, relatives have countless opportunities for change, and their changes have little to do with us. The illustrations by Stefhany Lozano, Sagittarius Sun and Sagittarius Rising illustrate the rise of Aries season, especially Mercury sliding into Aries this week. This is a common life, in a state of constant loss and acceptance, wanting to live together in change ? The perfect time to change from research mode to action mode. However, the mode of operation suitable for you is different from the mode of operation suitable for your fire alarm brother. So far, your research has played a vital role in your development, even if it is not a course from books. Crisis and heartbroken teachers, as well as your mentors and friends, are all worth it. As long as you realize that your intuition and opinions are critical to any step you take, then the wisdom and methods you learn from them will serve you. To express yourself means to respect your past and the influence of everyone in it on you. Sharing the knowledge of oneself and sharing with others is sharing the work of all these teachers. This is an act of gratitude. Now is the perfect time to contact your support network, throw the bucket into the well, tap a tree and lick it to the spout. You don’t have to drink champagne every time you are thirsty, but you can take a moment to appreciate all the ways you are talking about this richness and trying to do due diligence. However, when you have enough sense of security and security to share it, you will feel more, and sometimes it is difficult to find someone you trust. The good news is that the more you can connect with a wealth of resources-because you are you, so it is renewable-the easier it is to allow others to celebrate you and share their richness with you. Stefhany Lozano’s illustrations Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Rising are not born capitalists, nor do they want to make themselves unique. It can carve out a small piece of pie and decorate it with your name. We do not live in a collective culture, baby, although certain collective decisions may serve us, the cult of personality is still active and spread all over the world. People have been writing love stories for a long time, thinking that their inner feeling is the original flame, the first flame to burn, the first flame to be so completely extinguished. Without this belief, we would not have the books we own. It is important to admit that you want to be the protagonist, want a big story, and hope that it is important. Demand is essential work, and the more you accept this part, the easier it will be to guide it into a passionate project. The Pisces Sun and Pisces Rise Dear Pisces, don’t let the turbulence envelop you. You know that the river may teeter from time to time, but that doesn’t mean that difficult times will continue. As one of the signs of the surrender of the zodiac, it is to know that sometimes the best way to fight a strong current is to dance with it. You may not know where you are going, but you can bet that if you deny something inevitable, it will be much better than in the end. Like this, who you are and all the time you keep will not only see you, but also provide guidance to people in your circle. Let your surrender be a refuge of faith for anyone who comes to you. Become a school of fish. The service you provide will not exhaust your energy, it can give you a new understanding of your identity. Stefhany Lozano’s illustration is like what you see? So is there more R29 kindness here? Are you addicted to astrology? Thank you TikTok — & COVID this is the season of Aries. A bit selfish How important is your roommate’s zodiac sign?

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