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The Grand Theft Auto 6 leak has excited GTA fans, but is it fake?

a new one Grand Theft Auto 6 And Rockstar Games leaked Grand Theft Auto Fans were excited, but unfortunately, it smelled like fakes.But this did not stop it from Grand Theft Auto car Community, and seen by many as a real leak. As for the leak itself, it’s the way the music producer and Twitter user’s name is Chiko Kan, who recently shared an email, reportedly from Richard Barnes, head of international communications at Rockstar Games.

In the email, Barnes invited Kann to collaborate with Rockstar Games to curate music for the developer’s “upcoming projects in 2021”, one of which will be “huge”.The alleged email did not reveal too many other considerations and did not mention any single IP, but the general assumption is that the “HUGE”

; project refers to Grand Theft Auto 6.

Below, you can check the email by yourself:

If this leak is legal, it means Grand Theft Auto 6 It will be released this year or even this year, although we know that for various reasons, it is actually impossible at this point.Again, this may be due to GTA online Or something completely new, but for sure, huge is right Grand Theft Auto 6.

In summary, this seems to be false. First, the text color between the second and third paragraphs is not even the same color. That is a considerable red flag, but it is not the only red flag. Another red flag is that Barnes (Barnes) left Rockstar Games in 2019. Neither of these two red flags themselves completely debunked the leaks 100%, but together, they debunked them as thoroughly as possible.

If the email is real and relatively new, then Kan may not have gone through the NDA process, which is why he can share it on Twitter. However, this is nothing new, because Barnes has not participated in Rockstar Games since 2019.

There were many loopholes in this leak, but this did not stop it from going on the tour. At the time of publication, Kan has not yet responded to the leaked criticism, and Rockstar Games has not commented on the situation in any capacity. The result is, Grand Theft Auto The fans have nothing but speculation and a suspicious email.

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