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The governor was in hot water during their coronavirus response

Governors on both sides increasingly find themselves in a hot position in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Charlie Baker, the Republican Governor of Massachusetts, who is about to be re-elected in 2022, has become the latest national leader to face criticism in recent months.He joins Andrew CuomoAndrew Cuomo Sirota (Andrew Cuomo Sirota): It is up to the Democrats to pursue Cuomo’s signal that Biden AG is responsible for the GOP. Biden AG’s choice will be based on Cumos Ocasio’s -Cortez) called for a full investigation into Cuomo̵

7;s pressure to deal with the coronavirus pressure in nursing homes. (D) New York and Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom)Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) California will allocate 10% of vaccines for educators. California state legislators reached a .5B agreement to reopen schools. State legislators introduced a bill to ban the development of water power in California by 2027 Fracturing (D) California is a high-profile governor and seeing his reputation taking a significant impact in the public health crisis poses a potential challenge to his future political ambitions.

The recent events are in stark contrast to the first few months of the pandemic, when many governors, especially Cuomo, received positive media exposure due to their response to COVID-19.In fact, most governors have higher approval ratings than their predecessors President TrumpDonald TrumpUN reported that Erik Prince violated the arms embargo on Libya: After Romney’s impeachment vote, Lee reports: There is enough in the Republican Party The space, “for the two of us,” Nuss’ lawsuit against CNN has been thrown out more. At the beginning of the crisis.

“Some people are looking for a display of the governor’s externally visible strong leadership. In a crisis, this is often what they want.” said Aubrey Jewett, an associate professor of political science at the University of Central Florida. “This is why we explain Cuomo’s extremely high ratings when everything is actually terrifying objectively.”

Now, the growing political backlash in Massachusetts, California, and New York has provided fresh ammunition for the governor’s opponents.

Baker has received increasing scrutiny for handling vaccine contracts by residents of Massachusetts because his residents tried to register for an appointment but encountered technical difficulties.

The governor admitted that the state employee responsible for the site did not do proper work.

In an interview with Boston Public Radio this week, Baker said: “My hair is on fire.” “I can’t even start telling you how angry I am. People are working hard to fix it.”

In a December Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll, Baker’s approval rating appeared to have fallen slightly, with 72% of respondents saying they agreed with the governor how to deal with the pandemic. This rating is 9 points lower than a survey in June, which showed Baker’s approval rate was 81%.

Baker has not yet confirmed whether he will run for re-election in 2022, but the state’s Democrats have already launched an offensive.

“He is our goal,” said Gus Bickford, chairman of the Massachusetts Democrats. “During Trump’s presidency, [the president] Will do everything possible to distract people from what is happening, which attracts all media attention. “

“The governor’s reaction now is that he cannot mismanage now. He will not make mistakes and will not attract public attention.”

Baker is not the only fire before 2022. Cuomo has announced that he will be re-elected for a fourth term. After admitting that his government is responsible for withholding coronavirus data, he faces one of the biggest crises in his political career. Death-related deaths in nursing homes in New York.

Although Cuomo has aroused bipartisan criticism of the scandal, the state governor’s approval rating has not yet been hit. A poll released by the Siena College Research Institute on Tuesday showed that-within a day, more allegations concerning Cuomo’s connection with nursing home data were charged-the investigation showed that the governor of the state was among registered voters The approval rate of 56%. At the same time, 61% said that they specifically approved his way of handling the pandemic.

Despite the strong opposition, Democrats said they are confident of keeping the governor’s mansion blue after 2022.

David Turner, a spokesperson for the Democratic Governors Association, said: “Let’s keep an eye on New York.”

“I didn’t take anything lightly,” Turner added. “Whether good things are happening or bad things are happening, New York and California are often put under a magnifying glass. At the beginning of the pandemic, people paid a lot of attention to Cuomo and Newsom, and then people paid attention to them again.”

However, Republicans still quickly targeted Cuomo and Newsom, who faced their own criticism in California.

“If Democrats are forced to rescue dark blue state governors like Newsom and Cuomo from scandals in the press, the governors will Tony EversTrump Chief of Staff Tony Evers (Tony Evers) Chief of Staff Briebus carefully considered the bid of the Governor of Wisconsin, Hill’s “Morning Report”-presented by TikTok- Daimus is responsible for this matter.The governor of Wisconsin made a verdict against Trump this weekend, supporting legal cannabis more, Laura Kelly and Janet MillsGovernor Janet Mills (Janet MillsMaine) Governor warned Super Bowl party states that expected vaccine doses are lower than promised reports: Overnight healthcare: U.S. record-breaking single-day COVID record exceeds 100,000 cases | Pelosi announces action against House COVID-19 test expansion, two states always require masks to be worn in public places more Republican Governors Association spokesperson Jesse Hunt (Jesse Hunt) said in a statement to Hill. “People want to play a leadership role and take a careful approach in times of crisis, and the Democratic governor did not pay the price during the entire pandemic.”

California Republicans have criticized the blockade within the state of Newsom and its economic impact. According to a poll conducted by the Government Research Institute of the University of California, Berkeley, his approval rating dropped from 64% in September to 46% in late January. He is now facing more and more recall efforts.

Supporters of the recall said they already have the 1.5 million signatures needed to start the process next month, but the signatures need to be verified first. They face a difficult climb in the dark blue state. Compared with the last recall in 2003, the operation is more advanced than before. In 2003, due to recall efforts, Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) was elected governor.

However, while it may be difficult for Republicans to win in traditional governor elections, Republicans may be better able to win votes when they are recalled. As part of the process, voters will be asked two questions on the ballot: whether they support the removal of Newsom, and if so, who will replace Newsom. Any candidate who wins a simple majority of votes will win.

The Berkeley IGS survey released earlier this month showed that 36% of registered voters expressed support for the strike, while 45% of voters expressed opposition. 19% said they were not sure. Trump lost the state in the general election with a support rate of only 34%.

Republicans quickly compared Newsom with Florida Gov. Ron DisantisRon DeSantis DeSantis lowered the Florida flag to commemorate Limbaugh’s overnight health care: Biden officials announce funding to track virus variants | Senate Dems announces public option proposal | White House: Schools do not need to reopen vaccinations to restaurants in Florida to become popular There is a “No nappy needed” sign more (R) took the opposite approach to the pandemic and actively promoted reopening, while Democrats like Newsom advocated statewide closures.

Ford O’Connell, a Florida Republican strategist, said: “In many counties in DeSantis, people are going to school in person, and the economy is recovering.” “Newsom starts from now on, what should I say? .”

After the first part of the pandemic was hit, DeSantis’ work approval also appeared to rebound. A survey released by the Florida Chamber of Commerce last month showed that about 54% of voters in the state said they approved his job performance.

However, considering population differences, California and Florida have similar cases. California has reported about 3.5 million COVID-19 cases, while Florida has reported about 1.82 million.

DeSantis is not without criticism. The governor of Florida faced backlash earlier this week when he threatened to divert vaccines from communities that criticized his government’s distribution plan. Critics also accused him of overly loosening restrictions on the coronavirus at the height of the pandemic.

Jewett said: “The lack of compassion he encountered, I think it hurts him.”

Nevertheless, DeSantis’ response to the pandemic did not harm the Republicans in Florida last November. Trump won the state elections, and the Republicans in the House of Representatives won seats.

But Democrats say that Florida will still play a big role during Di Santis’s re-election next year.

Turner said: “Anyone who thinks that the Democrats should write off Florida is absolutely wrong.” “This is a state of competition, and I think it will remain competitive.

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