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The final 2-minute report shows a pair of non-calls for Sixers at the end of Game 5

The Sixers proved throughout the season that they did not need any help to hurt themselves at the end of the games. But on Wednesday, the fifth game of the season against Boston Celtics, it seems as if they were pushed in the wrong direction by the officials.

After the NBA's last two-minute report, officials missed a few key calls to end the loss of the Sixers at 114-112 in TD Garden

The first came in with 14.6 seconds in the game. With the Sixers outperforming 111-109, Joel Embiid kicked off Aron Baynes and was hit in a layup attempt.

"Baynes makes contact with Embiid's arm, which influences his shot attempt on the edge," it said in the Last Two Minute Report.

The last non-call came when the Sixers attempted a Heave on an inbound pass with 2.4 ticks on the clock. Ben Simmons' long pass on Robert Covington was intercepted by Boston Guard Marcus Smart, who appeared to be traveling after the ball.

"Smart hits the ball as he lands on his right foot, whereupon he steps back with his left foot as his pivot foot), then properly," reads the last two-minute report. "He then easily steps forward with his left before he jumps to release the ball."

This call was extremely important as the Sixers had the ball for a side throw and were 1.5 seconds from the goal.

While no one is trying to concentrate the loss of the Sixers on the Officials alone, there are still some big mistakes in the final seconds of a knockout game.

This fact has not been lost in any particular All-Star Center.

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