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The Federal Reserve said that following extensive investigations, police found a pickup truck full of bombs and guns near the Capitol.

The prosecutor said that another man allegedly had an assault rifle and several hundred shots ejected in the country’s capital and told an acquaintance that he wanted to shoot or beat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The revelations are some of the most disturbing details released by federal prosecutors this week, as they detail the scope of the arsenal that can be used to help the pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol. Others are accused of carrying guns and ammunition on the grounds of the Capitol, and as an extensive investigation unfolds, more charges are expected.

Detailed information about the weapons storage in the pickup truck is contained in a federal document that charges Lonnie Leroy Coffman of Falkville, Alabama with federal crimes. After the Trump administration̵

7;s rioters took over the Federal Building, a bomb squad found Arsenal during the fight for the Federal Building and other bombs near Washington, DC.

The Justice Department announced on Friday the indictment of 13 defendants related to the congressional riots, including a member of West Virginia and one who entered the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and sat at her desk. The man before.

The uprising on Capitol Hill shook the capital of the United States, and the description of the allegations gave people a growing understanding of the extremists in the crowd.

Although Koffman has been arrested and charged with possession of unregistered firearms and carrying a handgun without a license, the police sworn statement last Friday made some of the most extreme allegations regarding the level of danger around the Capitol on Wednesday.

After hundreds of pro-Trump mobs rushed through the barriers set up around the Capitol, the demonstrators finally entered the building, and the floors of the House of Representatives and Senate were evacuated by the police.

Only after aides and congressional allies in the besieged Capitol pleaded, President Donald Trump released a video urging the rioters to “go home” while still expressing mercilessness about the stolen election.

Coffman, 70, told police that his glass bottle contained “melted styrofoam and gasoline.” Court records show that federal investigators believe that the mixture will have the effect of napalm after the explosion, “because it will make the flammable liquid better adhere to the objects hit during the explosion.”

The police also found rags and lighters. The court documents stated that these items and the glass bottles containing explosives were “close to each other”, forming a combination of parts that could be used as “destructive devices.”

Kaufman parked the pickup truck on First St SE in Hill near the National Republican Club (commonly known as the Capitol Hill Club) at 9:15 am Eastern Time. The complaint stated that the building was located within the blocks of the U.S. House of Representatives office building and the Library of Congress. The police said that the truck also contained a pistol and an M4 carbine assault rifle in the passenger seat, as well as a rifle magazine with ammunition.

The police complaint stated that when the police found and searched him about a block after dusk, Koffman also carried a 9mm pistol and a 0.22 caliber pistol in each of his front pockets. None of the weapons found in his truck or his body were registered with him.

Kaufman appeared in court before a federal judge this week and was detained at least until his next court appearance on Tuesday. He has not yet pleaded guilty in court. The federal public defender representing him did not respond to a request for comment on his allegations on Friday.

The FBI said the man suspected of texting was accused of shooting Pelosi

The day before Trump’s rally, another man came to Washington with hundreds of bullets and an assault rifle, and sent a text message to an acquaintance, saying that he wanted to shoot Pelosi.

According to court documents obtained by CNN and his initial trial procedures, federal authorities charged the man Cleveland Grover Meredith Jr. with writing threats and possessing unregistered guns. Ammunition, and he was detained at least until the court session next week. on Friday.

Meredith allegedly sent a text message stating that he was considering “putting bullets in [Pelosi’s] According to court documents, another person said that he was dizzy on live TV and said that he went to Washington with “…tons of armor-piercing ammunition”. Allegedly, on Wednesday, he also texted that he was going to cross Pelosi. The police said he used the purple devil emoji to convey the message and used several insulting women to refer to the spokesperson.

The FBI said that although Meredi’s thoughts arrived earlier, Meredith only entered the city the day before the Trump rally. Previously, he had protested against Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican who is the central figure Trump and his supporters used to confirm that the president-elect Biden voted for the president of the state outside the home of the attack.

The allegations said Meredith had been staying at the Holiday Inn in southwest Washington this week, and he asked the FBI to search for his hotel room, phone, truck and its trailer on Wednesday night.

Inside the trailer, the agents found three guns-a Glock 19, a 9mm pistol and an assault rifle-and “approximately hundreds of bullets.”

According to the complaint, Meredith said that he knew he should not own a gun in the city with strict gun laws, so he moved the gun to a trailer. The FBI stated in the arrest warrant document that it will conduct a full search of the trailer.

Announce more federal allegations

The Justice Department said on Friday that a total of 13 people are facing federal charges for the riots.

Complete court records have not been provided to all defendants, and only a few individuals have appeared in court. The Justice Department stated that in addition to those accused, “other complaints have been filed and investigations are ongoing.”

Kaufman and Meredith are not the only people facing weapon charges. Christopher Alberts of Maryland was accused of wearing a bulletproof vest on the ground of the Capitol and carrying a pistol and 25 rounds of ammunition.

Acting U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin said in a press release on Friday: “The illegal destruction of the U.S. Capitol is an attack on one of our nation’s greatest institutions.”

“My office, together with our law enforcement partners at all levels, is working quickly and using all resources to identify, arrest, and start prosecuting these people who participated in the brutal crimes of the U.S. Congress.”

Steven D’Antuono, director of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, explained: “Since you have left Washington, DC, if we find that you are part of a criminal activity in the area, you can still Looking forward to knocking on the door. The Capitol,”

Richard Barnett

He said: “The FBI did not save any resources in this investigation.” He pointed out that agents from all 56 field offices participated in the investigation through videos, social media posts and public prompts.

D’Antuono added: “Today’s allegations are only the beginning of the extensive work done by the FBI and our partners in the past few days, and we are far from complete.”

Ken Kohl, the second highest official in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C., responded to this message. He said on Friday: “In fact, we have hundreds of prosecutors and agents conducting real 24/7 operations in three command centers. Action.”

He added: “The department will spare no effort to hold all these people accountable. We will continue to work hard in the hours, days and weeks in the future as we continue this investigation.”

Man arrested for taking pictures at Pelosi’s desk

Richard Barnett of Arkansas, who is facing federal charges, was photographed sitting at the table of Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi during Wednesday’s riots. Federal authorities said he was detained in Little Rock on Friday morning.

According to the criminal proceedings, Barnett was called Bigo and was charged with deliberately entering or staying in restricted buildings or places without legal authorization, violent entry and improper conduct on the grounds of the Capitol and theft of public property .

It is not clear whether Barnett has a lawyer.

Barnett was in FBI detention in Benton County, Arkansas. Lieutenant Colonel Lant. Shannon Jenkins, a press officer in the Sheriff’s Office, confirmed to CNN. She said in an email: “He is in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He was not booked to enter our facility. He was transported to another facility where he was detained by the FBI.”

When questioned, Jenkins did not provide the name of the facility Barnett moved to.

Authorities said that Barnett entered Pelosi’s office with the American flag and mobile phone at about 2:50 pm Eastern Time, and left with only the mobile phone six minutes later, where he was monitored and videotaped.

Barnett’s boots rested on Pelosi’s table, and the national flag hung nearby.

He later spoke in the media and was captured from a video of Pelosi’s office holding an envelope. Barnett told reporters: “I didn’t steal.” He said that he bleeds on the envelope and “put a quarter on her desk.”

Security on Capitol Hill is imminent

Even if more people were arrested for violating the Capitol, lawmakers said they were confused by the lack of preparation of law enforcement officials because people already knew that Trump was pushing for a rally, which was a few weeks ago, he said. Designed to prevent Biden’s victory

In response, the US Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund resigned. He said in a statement on Thursday that congressional police and other law enforcement personnel were “actively attacked” by metal pipes and other weapons.

Sand said: “They are determined to cause huge damage into the Capitol.”

He added: “The violent attack on the U.S. Capitol is different from any experience I have experienced in law enforcement in Washington, DC for 30 years.” “Maintaining public safety in an open environment-especially for First Amendment activities-has long been It has always been a challenge.”

In addition to being arrested, many thugs in the Capitol were also identified through images and videos on social media. Some people were unemployed or unemployed.

For example, the direct selling company Navistar announced that an employee was fired after wearing a photo of wearing a company ID badge in the offending Capitol.

The company said in a statement: “Although we support all employees to peacefully and legally exercise their right to freedom of speech, any employee who exhibits dangerous behaviors that endanger the health and safety of others will no longer be employed by Navistar Direct Marketing. Opportunity.” To CNN.

This story has been updated with more information on Friday.

Jamiel Lynch of CNN contributed to this report.

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