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The fans still don’t know what the show is, and they agree

Wanda Maximoff and Vision are the two most powerful characters in the MCU, and they are also in love. But, as Marvel fans know, Vision was unfortunately killed by Thanos, after which he took half of all lives in the universe, which made his death seem permanent.

Nevertheless, Marvel decided to perform on this super-powered couple. Judging from the appearance of the trailer, Vision seems to be alive. Other than that, everything else in the trailer looks weird and wonderful, and Marvel fans are excited about it.This is a small part of what we know Wanda Vision And why miracle fans are completely satisfied with it.

Miracle knows how to deal with spoilers

Like many other franchises today, Marvel movies also know that spoilers will spoil the eyes of fans. Therefore, when making the trailer, Marvel should make sure that nothing in the trailer will destroy what is really important in the story.

As one Marvel fan said on Reddit: “They did a good job without revealing any stories. I like it.”

result, Wanda Vision The trailer does a good job of promoting the program, but it does not destroy any content of the plot. However, Marvel may have gone too far with this spoiler control policy, because some fans hardly understand everything that happens in the show.

Actual understanding of “WandaVision”

Cast and staff of WandaVision
WandaVision Cast and Staff | Jesse Grant/Getty Images (Disney)

In things that fans can definitely be sure of, Wanda Vision It does have the characteristics of Wanda, and she seems to be struggling to cope with the sadness that she feels due to the death of vision. Based on the hints and clues that Marvel decided to show off in the trailer, almost everything else is not a complete mystery or speculation.

For example, as Marvel fans talked about on Reddit, the trailer seemed to hint at the fact that Wanda was trapped somewhere. It is unclear where she was trapped, how to get there, or why she was even there in the first place. Some comic storylines also support this theory, these storylines are similar to the situation in the trailer.

That being said, other Marvel fans have other popular theories about what actually happened. For example, another popular theory is that instead of being trapped somewhere, almost everything and everyone we see in the exhibition is just one of Wanda’s creations.

In the comics, Wanda is a very powerful character, so in the performance, she may use her power to reshape the vision so that they can live a happy life together.

How “WandaVision” is combined with “Doctor Strange in the Crazy Universe”

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While these fan theories are thinking about the position of Wanda and vision, another popular fan theory cracks the actual idea of ​​the show. Fan theory again uses the evidence in the trailer, which suggests that a certain villain will eventually be after all the weird events on the show.

The villain is called Meng Night, although there is no evidence that Meng M is actually behind everything Wanda Vision, The strange thing that seems to happen in the show is what Mengm can do in the comics.

Dream Night is usually one of the villains of Doctor Strange, and Marvel has publicly announced that Wanda will appear in the next Doctor Strange movie. This theory is also supported.

Therefore, for Marvel, it makes sense to portray nightmares in advance. Wanda Vision.After all, this is still speculation, the only certainty is that Wanda will be Doctor Strange in the Crazy Multiverse.

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