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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Wyatt Russell

When Sam Wilson donated Steve Rogers’ shield to the Smithsonian Museum, he hoped it would live there to prove the legacy of the retired Avengers. instead, Falcon and winter soldier Introduced a new Captain America Played in John Walker Chalet 49Wyatt Russell.

Walker is a soldier and represents “true American values.” But after putting on Cap’s shield, he invaded Redwing to track Sam and Bucky, with Tell the heroes of the title not to walk away when they refuse to cooperate with the government, Walker has officially become a character on the show. Although he was not welcomed by fans in the first two episodes of the show, Russell was not bothered by all the hatred.

“Everyone has a personal connection with people they like and identify with. A lot of people really like the Steve Rogers and Chris Evans versions, and now it̵

7;s like, “That Who is the person? It should be Falcon,” Russell shared. “It’s fun to put a version you don’t like on someone, because it’s good to direct it to a person and have the right opinion about why you don’t like them. “

To be fair, fans are not should Like Walker.he Yes The guy who replaced Steve Rogers, and his passion for government patriotism, is really disturbing. Therefore, if people don’t like him, then Russell is doing his job correctly.

Russell added: “In the Marvel world, it’s not every day that people are disgusted.” “I think it’s a compliment.”

As the new Captain America, John Walker can engage in regular hand-to-hand combat. In other words, he is not a super soldier like Steve Rogers, so he is at a disadvantage when fighting super living people like Flag Smashers (the latter can be used Broken bare hand). Russell pointed out that “it is difficult for anyone to feel this temptation if given the option of enhancing capabilities,” but he is not sure whether Walker will say “yes” to the super soldier serum.

He explained: “John is a very principled person. He doesn’t want to do anything he thinks is wrong.” “But what we are learning is that people have very different views on what is wrong or what is right, so these boundaries It’s easy to get fuzzy, especially for people who want bad things or want to be loved too much poison. When you want others to love you too much, you become someone who may not be you-it’s true Is it the way you want to go? That is what he is fighting with now. Maybe he will face this kind of thing in the future, maybe he will not. But so far, he is just doing his best. “

So far, Walker has been portrayed as a decent soldier and is really excited about his new performance. However, if we get inspiration from the comics, it is only a matter of time before the cracks begin to show up in his “Good Guy” image.

“With John, what we are learning is that something is bubbling under the surface… and it’s not very good,” Russell hinted.

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