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Pennsylvania residents on both sides stated that after the police shot and killed Walter Wallace Jr. (Walter Wallace Jr.), they swayed their wishes for the presidential election (October 29)

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Vancouver, Washington – Late Friday, tensions turned into turmoil after a black man was wary of death after being shot by law enforcement agencies in a city near Portland, Oregon, in southwestern Washington.

Mourners gathered in Hazel Dell, an unpersonalized area in Vancouver, Washington, where family and friends said that 21-year-old Kevin E. Peterson Jr. was shot and killed Thursday night. . The city is located about 12 miles north of Portland.

On Friday night, hundreds of people gathered for a vigil. The white silence is violence” and “screaming his name”.

Nearby, tensions between left and right demonstrators increased.

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The video recorded by the reporter in the parking lot showed two groups of people yelling at each other. In addition, some armed demonstrators gathered near the building and they told reporters that they were protecting.

The crowd eventually disappeared near the vigil, but then hundreds of protesters marched through downtown Vancouver. Windows were smashed, flags were burned, and federal agents dressed in riot suits surrounded a building and warned that people would be arrested for intruding into federal property.

Multiple videos show that after midnight, two cars are facing each other on a city street. Two gunshots were heard, but reporters at the scene said that no one seemed to be hit.

The authorities declared an illegal assembly and ordered the protesters to disperse. The video posted by the reporter on the Internet showed that at least someone was detained.

Family and friends described Peterson as a former high school football player and the proud father of a baby daughter.

Clark County Sheriff Cluck Atkins said in a statement that the joint city and county narcotics task force is investigating by 6 pm on Thursday and chasing a man to the bank’s parking lot. Field, shoot them. Atkins said that guns were found at the scene.

The authorities did not disclose the name of the person who was shot, but Kevin E. Peterson Sr. told Oregon/Oregon Live (Oregonian/OregonLive) that this person was his son Kevin E. Peterson (Jevin E. Peterson Jr.).The person who was shot

Atkins said: “I can say that our agency as well as the Peterson family and the community feel grief.” “With the grief of the community, I call for respect and respect for the funeral of life on this issue. There is always the possibility of misinformation, doubt and confusion, and there may be people who wish to sow the seeds of doubt.”

Atkins said that the investigation has been handed over to the Independent Investigation Team of Southwest Washington and the Kamaz Police Department is taking the lead.

Investigators said Friday night that the drug task force had contacted a man suspected of selling illegal drugs in a motel parking lot, and he fled on foot with police officers. Investigators said the man produced a pistol and the police officer retreated. They added that shortly afterwards, the man met three representatives of Clark County and all shot the man. They did not say that the man fired a pistol found at the scene, so it is not clear what happened before the shooting.

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The community is only a short drive north of the city of Portland across the Columbia River. Since George Floyd’s death in police custody in May, racial justice protests have been held almost every night. Southwest Washington is also home to the Prayer of the Patriots, a right-wing organization that held a rally for President Donald Trump in Portland in recent months, which ended in violence.

Earlier Friday, several people paid tribute to Peterson at the shooting scene.

Mac Smiff, the organizer of the Portland “Black Life Issues” protest, said he knew Peterson’s sister and spent more than five hours at the scene.

“There is a ton of sorrow, a ton of sorrow. He is 21 years old and has a baby and a baby,” Smiff said. “They are not sure what happened and why it happened. Everyone is extremely confused and confused.”

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