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Comedian Rickey Smiley thanked everyone for their great support after the tragedy.

On Monday’s morning show, the radio host revealed that his 19-year-old daughter Aaryn was shot three times during a weekend in Houston on July 4.

The smiley face said: “I don’t even want to say anything. I’ve been dealing with this problem all day, sitting in the stomach with butterflies trying to perform. My little daughter was shot last night.” “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” held on Monday “. “She is in the hospital now…I am very angry.”

Smiley explained that his daughter was inadvertently involved in the crossfire when trying to feed from Whataburger in Houston on Sunday night.

Smiley recalled: “I went to bed at about 8:30 or 9 and received a text message when I woke up.” “The fact is that she is lying in the hospital and may have to undergo surgery… She is just crying, she is scared, I can’t get close to her, I just hate it.”

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Later Monday, Smiley shared on Instagram that his daughter “was achieved through surgery.” He thanked everyone for their prayers and added that she “done well.”

In a statement to USA Today, the Houston Police Department confirmed the incident at 6898 South Freeway in Houston on Sunday night, saying that the victim (three men and one woman) was taken to a district hospital. It is believed that There is no life threatening. wound.

The Houston police statement said: “The three men are parked under the parking lights…when an unknown vehicle passes by.” “The occupants of the vehicle started shooting multiple times, injuring three men. A female passenger on an unrelated vehicle was also attacked.”

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Aaryn (Aaryn) celebrated her birthday on Sunday after her birthday 19 days ago. She shared a sad photo in an Instagram story where she was shot in the bloody passenger seat.

She wrote: “This is the most terrible thing I have ever experienced. I will not leave the hospital for a while, nor will I walk for a while.”

In another article on the hospital bed, Aaryn revealed that her leg was hit by “armored rifle bullets” designed to penetrate ballistic armor.

She said: “The (bullet) that would hit me in the head was not (armored rifle bullet), but it ended up on the car.” “God. Words cannot describe how grateful I am still alive.”

According to the police, there are currently no suspects.


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