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The cub “plans” to use the Rizzo option, Lester Fun and other cub bullets

When I was a kid, I had my first try with Nintendo, and I said to myself: “This is amazing.” How it works. This technology is incredible. It wasn’t until the first time I saw the iPhone that I felt this way again-like, how is this thing made? I think they have become so ubiquitous that we forgot the incredible leap (nearly 14 years ago!).

In any case, after the iPhone, I didn’t feel this way again until I started playing VR games in recent weeks. This is just magic. I can’t believe it. I was on the spaceship with a robot and Darth Vader last night, if it doesn’t look real, then damn it. (I’m using Oculus Quest 2. Yes, I bought it from Amazon.)

• The good news is hopeful, as the Cubs are still expected to choose Anthony Rizzo this weekend:

• The option is worth $16.5 million and has a buyout option of $2 million. Can Rizzo now get a $14.5 + million dollar free agent market lock in this market? I would not call Dangdang a “lock” now, but it is certain that he will still do it-perhaps he is confident of getting more benefits from the right buyers who have passed in 2021. Even if there is not enough reason to keep Rizzo in Chicago, it makes sense to choose this option, especially because Rizzo is still the “right” bat in the lineup.

• I still hope that the reason there is no formal option is because the Cubs and Rizzo are using this time to determine if there is a delay that is meaningful to both parties. Considering this situation, it is very difficult to find the best position-Rizzo has never touched a free agent, and if the world can do it in the next offseason (and CBA negotiations are not a problem), then he may Be consistent for a very important transaction, even at the age of 32. However, considering the changes in expenditure status, the income of next year and beyond, and the huge doubts brought by CBA, Cub will not provide monster expansion for the time being. In about a few years, the price will be pretty good, it’s just whether Rizzo wants to fix the money or whether he wants to roll the dice (obviously, he has already made a lot of money). They are unlikely to complete all the uncertainties this weekend, nor are they likely to complete any form of postponement during the offseason. I don’t want to create any unreasonable expectations-I just hope.

• Old friend/World Series champion Mike Montgomery is a free agent:

• Jon Lester, now officially a free agent, is the best:

• Don’t forget, you can drink beer on Lester this weekend, and our friends at Nisei are also very happy:

• Never get old:

• So you tell me, are Major League Baseball teams-like the team that Steve Cohen just bought for more than $2.4 billion-still worth the money? too crazy:

• AJ Hinch (who was suspended for a year due to the Astros logo theft scandal) is now in charge of Tigers, who apparently tried to capture him a second time after his suspension:

• If you like sports betting, skip the following today:

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