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The creators of Elden Ring thank the fans for their support and plan to “go forward with development”

Eldon Ring Supporters haven’t seen anything official on FromSoftware’s new game with screenshots, movies or other similar methods recently, but recently the community has indeed received reassuring news from the creator of the game. FromSoftware’s Yasuhiro Kitao, who is in charge of promotion, marketing and communications, posted a tweet at the end of the year, thanking those who have been supporting the game and eager to hear more about the game, and said that the developer plans to continue developing the game. Development and “powerful”.

Kitao’s profile but very popular Eldon Ring The latest news came from Twitter on Tuesday night, and the game and its supporters were answered. After thanking those who voted for the game to make it the winner of the “Most Anticipated Game”

; category of the 2020 “Game Awards”, Kitao said that FromSoftware will seek to achieve the lofty “standard” for fans to developers.

Even if it does not win the “Most Anticipated Game” award for the Game Awards, it will definitely become one of the top contenders for the award, to make sure that the hype in this game is taken into account. Every time there is an industry event such as a game award, or a showcase of upcoming games from Microsoft or Sony, people want Elden Ring to show up, but this last chance to show up does not bring any benefit to the community.Although people have hardly seen anything from the game since its first release, the truth is that it was developed by FromSoftware, whose developers include the Dark Souls series and Blood source with Sekiro: Shadows die twice -Enough to make people excited about it.Own George game of Thrones The popularity of the game story has aroused people’s excitement even more.

Kitao said “See you in 2021” at the closing ceremony. This gave them some hope that they can see the games released in 2021, but it is best not to think too much about it, but to regard it as a “thank you” at the end of the year. And guarantee Eldon Ring development of.

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