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The climax of the plague year: liquor and marijuana retailers shine

The landlord already knows this: people toast more than “magic bread”.

John E. McNellis, the principal of McNellis Partners for “WOLF STREET”:

Happy hour starts at 3 o’clock. The tenants who sell reality relief are killing it. I called several retailers and carefully checked the evidence of my anecdotes. One of them is the owner of a leading supermarket chain, and he said that his alcohol sales have increased by 25% since March. This is not surprising, but the identity of his best-selling beer, Corona, is true.

In half of the United States, I think Corona is destined to become the Adolf of beer brands. error. Drinkers love it-some people think it is funny to call a hangover a “corona virus”

;. The businessman said that the only restriction on the sale of his corona pens was lack of inventory. Neither he nor other wine merchants asked for a rent reduction.

I called a major beer distributor in the Central Valley. The same story. It rose 25% across the board. Is there a brand that exceeds the packaging? “Honey, whether it is sold in cans or bottles, our customers are buying.”

According to reports, alcohol is easily censored-no one cooks moonlight in their backyard. marijuana? Let’s just say that the numbers are a bit muddy. Without losing the weeds, the general situation looks like this: this year, the consumption of recreational marijuana (“rec”) has greatly increased, but it is difficult to get an exact figure. In August, the number of points of sale of California legal counsel increased by 29%.

These reported sales certainly do not include daily low-cost alternatives to illegal and self-produced coatings. How big is the illegal business? No one really knows, but a few weeks ago, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra touted the use of the Department of Justice’s Campaign Against Cannabis (CAMP) program to eliminate more than one million plants in 455 locations. Unless CAMP is much more effective than most government programs, his numbers mean that enough illegal pots have been planted on the hills of Golden State to cover a smaller state. Or two.

For the people who do it yourself, you can plant a plant on the window sill of the kitchen, and then harvest hundreds of joints according to the network diagram, which is enough to illuminate your neighbors like a diesel generator. Plant the six plants that you allow under California law, and then you can buy a tractor yourself. No one knows how many free or barter transactions there are. Maybe Netflix can make an educated guess by counting the number of downloads of “Harold and Kumar to White Castle”.

On the other hand, medical marijuana (pain-killing potions and potions) does help with accurate accounting. It is strictly regulated, legal in 33 states, and no one sells it behind the truck. I asked the president of a leading medical marijuana company how the virus would affect his business. Unexpectedly, he said his sales fell by 50% during the depth of the closure during the early spring, but slowly rebounded in the summer and now exceed the level before Covid. He needs to rest in the spring.

I think the opposite: everyone is struggling in pain, and his sales will soar. He replied: “Text and themes are very expensive. When work stoppages cause people to suddenly lose their jobs, from traditional Chinese medicine to rehabilitation, and then to the flight of quantity exceeding quality.”

I think what he meant is that you can treat back pain in two different ways: apply expensive lotion to the waist or roll up fat. In addition to being cheaper, the latter method has the advantage of making TV comedies look interesting.

He generally reflected on Cannabiz. He said that due to increased demand, the price of “head flower” (on the street, bud) has increased from the wholesale price of US$1200 per pound in January to US$1500 today. He said that it has been designated as an essential industry from the beginning, thus benefiting the industry. (From day one, guns and ammunition are also classified as essential; we hope that the overlap between the two consumer groups is small.)

He believes that this is not only a basic classification of companies, but also benefited from the $600 federal stimulus package provided to the unemployed, which is helpful to companies. That number. Moreover, because it reflects the larger economic trend, he believes that a clear winner of Cannabiz is its home delivery sub-sector. It has sacrificed physical stores at an exponential growth rate.

Like alcohol, the real estate industry does not have to worry about its cannabis tenants. Let’s face it, selling highly attractive products has clear advantages (ask Starbucks).

The excellent performance of toilet paper may have made headlines in all media, but it has nothing on the pot. When the doping latecomers realized that their pharmacy was about to close in mid-March (“Wow, man, sure? No? Wow. That’s heavy”), they rushed into the Bastille with their production lines around Buy a piece at a hot pot shop, except for AstroTurf, all other parts are green. For this worst year, anyone can recall a reasonable reaction. McNellis Partners principal John E. McNellis designed for WOLF STREET

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