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The Cleveland Cavaliers agreed to trade Kevin Porter Jr. to the Houston Rockets in exchange for a future second-round pick

Sources told cleveland.com that the Cleveland Cavaliers have agreed to send a talented but troubled swingman Kevin Porter to the Houston Rockets in exchange for a future second-round pick.

The source said that the second round of the game is protected by the top 55 and is unlikely to be communicated. However, the source said that the Rockets made Porter as one of the exceptions to the transaction, which allowed the Cavaliers to waive Porter’s remaining salary-this year was $1

.71 million and guaranteed payment of $1.78 million for 2021-22. This is a contract. A selected portion of the Cavaliers exercised last month.

The move, which has not yet been formally approved, also opened up a spot for the team and provided sufficient flexibility below the luxury tax so that the Cavaliers could try to sign a substitute point guard, while Matthew Dravidova was inconvenienced. Shocked and eliminated indefinitely.

Since the outbreak in the Cavaliers locker room on Friday night, the front desk has been studying various trade possibilities.

Although disappointed with the need to leave Porter, Porter was the 30th draft pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and was once considered a potential cornerstone for reconstruction, the Cavaliers hope to find a trading partner rather than abandon him completely. They also look for a good situation and believe that the presence of assistant coach John Lucas, who has a history of working with troubled players, can help Porter change his life in Houston.

The Cavaliers can now officially move forward and focus on players who are mature professional players and play a role in 7-7 games that exceed expectations.

“We get it,” a player told cleveland.com on Monday. “It needs to happen to maintain our culture. We are now moving in a positive direction.”

The Cavaliers believe in Porter’s talent. They always think he is one of the most exciting players in last year’s draft, and think he is worth the risk in the last draft of the first round. He paid $5 million and gave up four second-round players to buy him. However, the maturity issues that caused him to slip on the selection committee continue to exist in Cleveland-well beyond the November 15 arrest.

This is a step forward, and then a few more steps. He couldn’t keep the good days together, and he kept undermining his progress. The source said that at a certain point, Porter did not step out of the court towards the goals set for him by the organization, which prevented him from regaining their trust. This is also a sign that he did not learn from his mistakes and did not take the situation seriously as the team wanted.

From the Cavaliers’ perspective, when dealing with Porter, people generally feel tired, and Porter does not have many opportunities in the NBA. They never hanged him. They did not fine him. They try to work with him, investing time, energy, energy and resources. A source said that the decision to move on shortly after his “small outbreak” was not easy. This is due to many factors, including disrespect for employees and teammates. The changing room explosion became the tipping point.

A source said: “The organization has done everything for him, and there is more.”

When Porter entered the night of his teammates and took a positive step in the direction of returning, the young man became angry and started yelling when he entered the dressing room, he realized that the team had put his old locker Handed over to the new tauren Prince, he was acquired by the four-man James team last Wednesday to strengthen the blockbuster deal. The source said that the decision is based on NBA qualifications and spacing to determine whether to comply with the COVID-19 agreement. Since Porter is not expected to play in the near future, Prince will rotate every night, so it makes more sense to bring Prince closer to his teammates.

The frustration at that moment, including Potter’s throwing food, caused General Manager Koby Altman to talk to Potter, who would not calm down. After a fierce confrontation, Potter was told to clear his locker and remove it from the building.

“We all want to see Kevin succeed, and I still feel that way,” Cavaliers coach JB Bickerstaff said recently. “Therefore, no matter what impact on him in the future, I hope to have the best choice for him. This is part of our responsibility as coaches. We should devote all our energy to everyone and try our best to We did our best under the circumstances. I can say we did it.”

The 20-year-old Porter has not participated in this season’s competition due to personal reasons. He was frustrated because the team shut him out. In August 2020, he was accused of hitting a woman in the face. In October, Porter posted a black box on his Instagram that read “Do you want to see your time end?” That incident caused the Cavaliers officials and teammates to reach out to him to make sure he It’s okay and willing to help. He had a car accident in November-he was arrested and charged with improper use of guns in a car, failure to control the car, and misdemeanor of possession of marijuana. All these allegations were dismissed.

As a rookie, Porter was considered a bright spot last year with 10 points and 3.2 rebounds in 23.2 minutes. Now, he will try to resume his career with the Rockets.

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